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Easter meets INSTAX

Easter is around the corner and you want to spend an unforgettable Easter with your friends or family? Get inspired by our DIY ideas, which our colleagues from instax Germany have implemented in collaboration with Laura from @TRyTryTry. Place cards, pendants and much more. There are no limits to your creativity with our INSTAX instant pictures. In this blog post, we will share some of the amazing DIY ideas with you:

Table cards with INSTAX instant photos

All you need is:

  • INSTAX mini Link Printer
  • INSTAX mini Instant Pictures
  • Wooden beads
  • Craft wire
  • sticking foam
  • 1 egg
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Spring flowers

What you need to do:

  • Pick your favorite pictures of your guests
  • Print them out with the INSTAX mini Link Printer
  • Take the black marker and write the name of the guest on the INSTAX instant photo
  • Cut a piece of craft wire (approx. 30cm) and roll it into a snail-like shape on one side
  • With the bottom side, you push the INSTAX instant photo into the wire form
  • Cut another piece of craft wire of about 25 cm
  • Thread nine wooden balls into the wire and then bend it into a circle
  • Connect the ends by twisting them together
  • Carefully crack an egg, remove the top shell and rinse well
  • Soak the foam in water according to instructions
  • Fill the wet foam into the empty egg
  • Place your spring flowers in it
  • Take the wire snail with the INSTAX instant picture and place it between the spring flowers
Flower vase with INSTAX instant pictures

All you need are just 4 items:

  • INSTAX SQUARE Instant Glasses
  • Round glasses
  • Yarn

What you need to do:

  • Grab your INSTAX instant camera and take pictures of the subjects you like
  • Attach the INSTAX instant picture with yarn to the outside of the vase
  • Put your favorite spring flowers in the flower vase and fill it with a bit of water
Foto © Laura Lammel
Personal INSTAX pendant


  • INSTAX SQUARE Sofortbilder
  • Holzperlen
  • Schere
  • Bastelkleber
  • Motivpapier
  • Schleifenband
  • Metallspieß
  • Lineal
  • Bleistift


  • Grab your INSTAX instant camera and take pictures of your favorite Easter bouquet motifs
  • Draw a rectangle of 8,5×10 cm on the motive paper and cut it out
  • Cut a piece of ribbon approx. 30 cm
  • Thread this through the wooden ball
  • Thread the end of the ribbon back through the wooden ball to create a 5 cm loop
  • Leave about 10 cm of the ribbon free and thread two wooden balls through the other end again
  • Apply craft glue to the free area of the ribbon and glue it to the previously cut out motif paper
  • Glue your instant picture onto the motif paper

Now, you are prepared to stand out at your Easter breakfast, lunch dinner or party with your unique and customized INSTAX decor.

Planting Trees – Planting Future

Did you know that most aspects of our lives, such as drinking a glass of water or taking medicine for a fever, are linked to some extent to forests? Today, March 21, 2023, we celebrate the International Day of Forests. Back in 2012 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests, celebrating and raising awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

In the COP27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the heads of countries around the globe cam together to agree on policies to limit global temperature rises and adapt to impacts associated with climate change. We at Fujifilm joined PLANT MY TREE, Germany’s largest tree planting tour that started on 02.11.2022, to do our part against climate change. 

PLANT MY TREE travelled across Germany to plant 100,000 trees in 10 selected cities, including ours. Looking ahead, thinking in the long term and act thoughtfully on the ground in the interests of nature and climate protection is the claim of PLANT MY TREE foundation. And also for us, sustainability is of fundamental importance, and we want to make the greatest possible contribution to preserving nature as a healthy, valuable habitat. Together with the PLANT MY TREE team, we donated and planted 1,000 trees in the Dusseldorf area, around 8 km from our headquarters. As a Christmas gift, each Fujifilm employee based in Germany was gifted their own tree. We are aiming to try to cover the CO2 emissions of each of us partially with this action.   

Geo-coordinates such as 51°20’45.9”N 6°47’48.5”E have been provided to each employee making it easy to locate the planting area where our trees were planted. Now each of our employees can visit the Fujifilm forest and their own tree whenever they want and accompany them on their way to becoming a mature forest. To ensure that the tree population can grow again in a controlled manner, PLANT MY TREE carries out their plantings specifically on their own areas. Thus, they ensure that the trees in these areas remain standing and cannot be used for industrial recycling and protect the area from unwelcome visitors. 

Obviously, we know that this is not enough to protect the climate, nature and the environment. However, it is another step forward in Fujifilm’s commitment to the environment. This commitment was already outlined in the SVP2030(1) plan which, amongst other things, aims to reduce CO2 emissions in Fujifilm’s company operations and develop as well as promote environmentally conscious products and services. 

Pumped for INSTAX mini 12


You have probably heard and seen it already, but just in case, our INSTAX mini 12 is finally here and will be available everywhere from 16 March! Unlimited joy and your favorite colors combined in one instant film camera. Our colleagues from instax have created such an amazing post, deep diving into the newest features of mini 12. Here are all essential facts you need to know:

Instant photos & unlimited joy

It is all about living in the moment and with the instax mini 12 it is time to capture all your delicious meals, exciting events, or whatever you want to capture and turn into an unforgettable memory.

Improved auto exposure (shoot in all lights), automatic adjustable flash and a lens with some handy features (turn once to turn it on, twice for Close-up Mode, all the way back to switch it off) make the mini 12 easy to handle for everyone.

Your favorite new color

INSTAX mini 12 comes in five cute colors – Blossom Pink, Mint Green, Clay White, Lilac Purple and Pastel Blue.

Which one is your favorite? Choose one and get started.

Selfies made simple

Where are the selfie lovers?

With the new and improved Close-up Mode and the selfie mirror on the front, you can kiss goodbye guesswork.

Let’s get digital

Along with the INSTAX mini 12 we also launched the new INSTAX UP! app, allowing you to scan and drop every print into a custom background.

It is easy to share your prints with everyone online afterward, you can also get inspo on INSTAX DIY projects and all the other features the app has to offer.

World Wildlife Day 2023

Today is World Wildlife Day 2023, and this year’s theme is “Celebrating Diversity: Promoting Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wildlife.” As we reflect on the beauty and importance of wildlife in our world, we can’t help but admire the stunning photographs captured by Fujifilm X-Photographers.

These photographers have dedicated their lives to capturing the beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat, and their work has inspired countless individuals to become advocates for wildlife conservation. Their photographs have the power to transport us to far-off lands and introduce us to rare and endangered species that we might never have the chance to encounter in person.

The Fujifilm X-Photographers are a group of talented photographers from around the world who have been selected by Fujifilm for their exceptional skills and creative vision. They use Fujifilm’s high-quality camera equipment to capture stunning images of wildlife, landscapes, and people, showcasing the diversity and beauty of our world.

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day 2023, it’s essential to recognize the role that these photographers play in raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation. By sharing their work on social media, in galleries, and in publications, they inspire us to take action to protect our planet’s most vulnerable species and their habitats.

Their work reminds us of the intricate relationships that exist in our natural world and the importance of preserving biodiversity. Through their lenses, we can witness the beauty of the natural world and gain a deeper appreciation for the fragile ecosystems that support our planet’s life.

If you’re interested in wildlife photography or simply admire the work of these talented photographers, make sure to check out the virtual X-Story Showcase hosted by Fujifilm. Here, you can view the stunning work of these photographers and gain insight into their creative processes.

World Wildlife Day 2023 is an opportunity to celebrate and protect the diversity of life on our planet. By supporting the work of wildlife photographers and becoming advocates for conservation, we can ensure that future generations will be able to experience the beauty and wonder of our natural world.

The design for the header image was created by ©Xavi Reñé (@wildlife_erra).