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Digital Cleanup Day 2022

In a world of digitalization, the amount of data is constantly increasing. Creating, maintaining, and using digital material consumes energy, yet according to some estimations, 90% of data is useless.

Unnecessary emails, files, apps, duplicates of photos and videos are all digital waste that creates digital pollution. Digital trash sits in the backups on servers that provide us with cloud service and continue consuming electricity. Each year the internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2, which’s more than the annual output of the whole of Germany. Some studies estimate that in a decade the internet network will consume 20 percent of the world’s total energy.

By deleting unnecessary files, apps, photos, videos and emails from our computers and mobile phones, not only do we decrease digital pollution, but we also preserve the quality of our tools.

Women4Women – The Green Issue

There are more than 7.5 billion people in the world, and human beings have a tendency to separate the animal/natural world from the human world, as if they were two separate things. But in reality, human beings are part of nature, and despite the technological advances that have allowed us to do great things, we are part of this ecosystem. Hence, we must remember to protect and take care of it.

Sustainability is more important than ever before especially, we, as major companies and global players, have to start making changes and rethink our operations. Therefore, the Women4Women magazine goes green. Not only, our newest and already 4th issue of the Fujifilm #Women4Women magazine is all about sustainability in our private and professional lives also the magazine itself is printed on recycled paper.

In the recent issue, women from all around the world share their story about how they got involved in a sustainable work, lifestyle or, why it is so important for them in general. All of these powerful women are already committed to protect the planet and share with us how we can turn our lives “green” with only a few simple daily gestures.

We need to stop being selfish and start to think about the exhausted and drained world and resources we will leave to our future generations. At that point it is no longer about our lives because most dramatic changes will not be visible to most of us and consequently, not affect the older generations.

It is now clearer than ever, that the incredible global sanitary crisis and the acceleration of natural disasters brought us all in front of our responsibilities and made clear that our health is inevitably bound up with the health of the eco-system.

Mary Valsama

Reduction of waste, renewable energies, waste water handling, less overconsumption and many more factors are important to take into consideration. However, not we as individuals are able to change and safe the planet on our own. Companies and corporations are playing a major role in this process as well. Businesses need to adapt the way they use and reuse resources and have to decrease their environmental footprint drastically.

This magazine aims to support and empower women in the business world, but especially the 4th issue also raises awareness concerning an inevitable issue for everyone. Climate change and sustainability in all areas of life matter to ALL OF US!

New Climate Action Targets

We, as global players, have to change our mindsets and need to actively try to change and contribute to a more sustainable future. The FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has announced new climate action targets to reduce CO2 emissions. The long term goal is to accelerate initiatives towards a zero-carbon future. This also includes reducing CO2 emissions across the entire product life cycle, from the procurement of raw materials to sales and transportation.

Fujifilm has been actively promoting actions to reduce the impact of climate change based on a strong and fundamental belief that environmental conservation is at the core of all Fujifilm’s corporate activities.

Chisato Yoshizawa, corporate vice president, ESG, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

Moreover, Fujifilm launched a new Fujifilm Group environmental strategy, “Green Value Climate Strategy,” to further enhance the process of achieving these targets by FY2030.

Fujifilm highlighted as a leader for water security

Photographic film, which is the origin of the Fujifilm Group’s business foundation, requires a large amount of clean water and air in its manufacturing process. Since its establishment, Fujifilm has actively worked on conserving water resources in an environmentally considerate way, such as making efficient use of water and purifying wastewater generated from its factories.

For its commitments to tackling water security, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has achieved a place on the “CD Water Security A-List,” the highest level of recognition awarded in the internationally influential corporate survey on water resource management for two consecutive years. FUJIIFLM is one of a small number of high-performing companies out of nearly 12,000 that were scored.

Major initiatives on water security

  • Reinforcing water risk management by creating the unique evaluation matrix “Assessment Map of the Impact of Water Resources on Company Business,” which is based on assessment of location in water stress region and business impact based on water usage volumes.
  • Supplying products and services that are contributing to resolving water risks in society, including completely process-less thermal CTP plate for newspaper to eliminate the use of water at printing companies, and filtration materials used for treating water.
  • Working with local communities to promote water resource conservation activities such as tree-planting campaigns in Inner Mongolia, China and Can Gio, Vietnam, and development of watershed protection forests in Kyushu, Japan.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of local water waste treatment by sharing a large-scale wastewater treatment facility located at FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. in the Netherlands with neighboring companies.

The Fujifilm Group remains committed to addressing water risks in the future and actively promoting information disclosure through CDP and other organizations, contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society.