1000 trees in Ratingen: Growing a Change

Each day, 42 million trees in the world are cut down. That is more than 15 billion trees per year. Humans have already destroyed more than 40% of all the trees on the planet, and speed and intensity of the destruction leaves no space for optimism. Deforestation is beginning to take its toll as global temperatures rise and the effects of climate change become noticeable.

Only two years ago, at the UN Climate Change Conference, over 130 countries representing 85% of the world’s forests made pledges to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030. And now, the WWF publishes its fresh Forest Pathways 2023 report, claiming that the world is already off track to reach the goal in time. Reforestation is struggling to catch up, and the lack of progress on commitments clearly puts the world at risk of missing key targets.

Taking a Stand for Nature

During the month of COP28, we launched a reforestation project in collaboration with the PLANT-MY-TREE®. After the 1000 trees planted last year in Düsseldorf, one more thousand of trees were planted in Ratingen on November 9th, aiming to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to biodiversity. This project also supports our Sustainable Value Plan 2030 which aims to eliminate CO2 emissions by FY2040 and reflects our ongoing commitment to protect nature and safeguard the planet. To ensure the long-term impact and strong and healthy tree growth while preserving the area, we will put our newborn mixed forest under the regular monitoring.

Why is it important?

Trees are what makes this planet “breathe”. They soak up carbon dioxide and generate clean air, helping reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases and being the devoted partner in a fight against global warming. Apart of that, a single tree can be a home for hundreds of plants, insects, moss, and mammals. Bringing back trees through reforestation supports their natural habitats and creates a safe environment for plants, insects, birds, and other creatures. It preserves biodiversity and helps stop the extinction of species.

“Planting trees is not only about creating a carbon reserve, but also about reducing the risk of flooding and erosion, improving the water cycle and air quality, and providing valuable resources to local communities, such as the one in Ratingen where we operate our European headquarters,”

Luana Porfido, European Head of Corporate Communication and ESG Management FUJIFILM Europe GmbH.

Through this collaborative effort, we aim to contribute to a safer future for new generations, and we encourage you to join. You can help directly by planting or purchasing trees, or you can also promote the initiative among friends and family, fostering the awareness. Step by step toward a change!

 2225 Years of Company Loyalty Celebrated!

The long-awaited jubilee celebration at Fujifilm came place after an astonishing four-year pause due to the challenges created by the epidemic. 107 jubilarians from FUJIFILM Europe GmbH and FUJIFILM Imaging Systems GmbH & Co. KG gathered in Ratingen to celebrate their extraordinary 10, 25, 30, 35, and even 40 years of committed service to the firm. A remarkable 2225 years of business loyalty!

The evening began with a pleasant champagne welcome, during which Yoshiki Kimura, Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe, and Bernd Gansohr, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Imaging Systems, personally honored the staff for their long-standing dedication to the company. An expression of gratitude that emphasized Fujifilm’s familial spirit.

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Fujifilm’s Strategic Acquisition Enhances Leadership in Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing

In a transformative move that underscores its commitment to becoming a leading force in the semiconductor materials manufacturing industry, FUJIFILM Corporation has successfully completed the acquisition of the electronic chemicals business previously owned by Entegris, Inc. This acquisition, which amounted to $700 million, not only fortifies Fujifilm’s position but also reinforces its dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of electronic materials. This transformative development is a significant step in their journey towards achieving a revised sales target of JPY 500 billion by 2030.

Expanding Horizons

The acquired business, formerly known as CMC Materials KMG Corporation, is now rebranded as FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Process Chemicals. With this strategic acquisition, Fujifilm has broadened its product portfolio in electronic chemicals. The new addition includes a comprehensive product line-up and twelve additional sites across the United States, Europe, and Singapore, marking Fujifilm’s first electronic materials manufacturing site in Southeast Asia. This expansion brings Fujifilm’s total electronic materials manufacturing footprint to 18 strategically located sites, ensuring enhanced supply chain resilience for the semiconductor industry.

Diversified Product Offerings

One of the standout advantages of this acquisition is the ability to offer a more comprehensive range of electronic chemicals to customers. This includes the inclusion of the High Purity Process Chemicals (HPPCs) product line, a vital component in the semiconductor manufacturing process, primarily used for etching and cleaning silicon wafers. This addition complements Fujifilm’s existing products in formulated products and high purity solvents. Furthermore, this strategic move also incorporates the Total Chemical Management business, which encompasses on-site and off-site logistics services provided to customers in Southeast Asia and Europe.

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Crafting Quality: A Glimpse into FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe in Tilburg is a state-of-the-art facility that produces a wide range of high-quality photo paper and photographic film. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, the facility is one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world, with cutting-edge technology and processes that ensure exceptional product quality and consistency.

Since its establishment in 1982, FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe in Tilburg has been at the forefront of photographic technology, constantly developing new products and improving existing ones. The company’s focus on innovation has led to a range of industry-leading products, including the Crystal Archive photo paper, which is widely used in the photographic industry due to its high image quality, color reproduction, and longevity.

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Capture Life’s Moments Like Never Before with INSTAX Pal

In an age where small moments mean the world, our latest innovation among digital cameras is set to redefine how we capture memories. In the end of September, our colleagues from the Imaging Solutions division, proudly unveiled the INSTAX Pal digital camera – a ground-breaking addition to the acclaimed INSTAX series.

The INSTAX Pal’s here to transform the way you experience photography. This palm-sized camera joins small moments and big memories, making photography more accessible and engaging. Designed to make your shooting experience truly enjoyable, it’s all about simplicity, creativity, and a whole lot of fun. Let’s delve into the world of INSTAX Pal and discover what’s the whole buzz is about.

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Discover FUJIFILM Kangaroo: Your Plug-and-Play Solution for Long-Term Data Archiving

Are you ready for an exciting innovation in the world of data storage? Join us at the upcoming storage2day event in Frankfurt/Main, taking place from September 26 to September 27, 2023. Our very own Sebastian Skrypka, Business Development Manager at Fujifilm Recording Media, will be unveiling the remarkable FUJIFILM Kangaroo – a game-changing plug-and-play solution for long-term data archiving.

In his presentation, Sebastian Skrypka will delve into the latest product developments by Fujifilm Recording Media. See how it empowers you to archive file-based data and rapidly growing object data onto tape storage, while making the process simpler and more efficient. You’ll gain insights into all the advantages, along with valuable information about tape technology and FUJIFILM Object Archive software combined for a secure, open and sustainable data archiving experience.

Key Learning Objectives
  • explore potential strategies for long-term and secure data archiving;
  • understand the benefits of FUJIFILM Kangaroo and how it can transform your data management.
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INSTAX Van Hits the Road: A Fun-Filled Tour of the UK Universities

Hey there, INSTAX enthusiasts! If you’re a student in the UK, get ready for an exciting adventure this September as the INSTAX Van gears up to hit the road for a university tour like no other. Our colleagues from the INSTAX team in the UK have organized an incredible journey, and we, from the European team, are thrilled to support and highlight this fantastic event.

The INSTAX team in the UK is making Freshers’ Week even more memorable by bringing the magic of instant photography right to your campus!

Our beloved INSTAX van has been on a whirlwind summer journey, gracing events across the UK and spreading the joy of instant photography. Now, it’s packing up its instant cameras and smartphone printers and embarking on a mission to capture the moments that matter most during Freshers’ Week.

So, what’s in store for you during this fantastic university tour? Let’s dive right in!

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X-S20 – The ideal camera for families

Marisa Kraft, a family documentary photographer, tests the FUJIFILM X-S20 while capturing the brilliant elegance of family life. No matter how often you hear the term “they grow up so quickly,” you can never fully get what it means unless you have a young family of your own.

“If you don’t make pictures of those ordinary little moments, they just get lost.”

That is why I believe it is crucial for everyone to own a camera that is capable of doing its job. You need something that can perform the job of producing crisp, lovely photographs since you’re doing your job of capturing family memories.

Marisa was generally impressed with the X-S20’s adaptability and numerous outstanding features, all of which are optional, accessible, and simple to use. She believes that because it allows for growth with its owner, this camera is ideal for individuals just getting started in photography. It’s a great Camera for Newbies 🙂 Check out the fascinating field of Marisa Kraft family photography by reading the whole story on fujifilm-x.com.

Capturing the Majesty of the Sea: Ocean Photography x Russell Ord

Explore the fascinating world of acclaimed photographer Russell Ord and his stunning ocean photography.

I just finished reading a fantastic X-Story about the gifted Russell Ord and his captivating journey through ocean photography. I must tell you more about this amazing X-Story.

In the genre of surf photography, Russell Ord is a name that stands out for his ability to capture the untainted beauty and force of the ocean. Russell’s talent is limitless, having caught legendary ‘The Right’ waves and magazine covers of top surfers. But he goes further than that. His enthusiasm for documenting people’s lives also extends to tourism and marketing work, making him a talented and popular photographer.

In this article, Russell gives us a glimpse of the X-H2’s outstanding features based on his first-hand experience with it. Don’t pass up the chance to see the magnificent X-H2 and be inspired by Russell Ord’s extraordinary work. To read the entire story, click the link!