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Showcasing Inkjet for Metal Decoration

Innovation in the Metal Decoration Business? For a long time, printing metal decorations was technologically far behind the standards of other printing sectors – until now. In a direct collaboration with Fujifilm, William Say & Co. were able to test our latest technology. See, how William Say & Co. innovates the sector in a partnership with Fujifilm to finally bring personalisation and customisation into the world of metal packaging using the Acuity B1. Click here.

A wedding photographer’s essential kit

By Marianne Chua

I first became interested in switching to using Fujifilm mirrorless cameras for my professional wedding photography because I wanted to lighten my load and ever since then I’ve taken a similar minimalist approach to my whole kit. I believe wedding photographers should always have enough kit to cover all lighting scenarios, and enough back-up equipment to continue shooting a wedding if they drop any camera and lens combination! For example, if you shoot mostly on an XF23mmF1.4, you have to make sure you have a similar or usable focal length stashed in your bag! With that in mind, let’s dive right into my kitbag!

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