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What does NEVER STOP mean to you?

At Fujifilm, we NEVER STOP thinking in new ways to make the world healthier, safer and kinder for you. In EMEA, we meet this challenge with a strong, motivated and curious team of Fujifilm colleagues, our Fujifilm Family.

This winter, we asked our colleagues what our slogan “NEVER STOP” means to them personally. “What does NEVER STOP mean to you?” What drives the people who look after products and services in the fields of medical technology, biopharmaceuticals, electronic materials, industrial products, chemicals, graphic systems, optical devices, data storage and all aspects of photography for the global multi-technology company Fujifilm.

Watch our latest video and meet the people behind Fujifilm.

GFX Challenge Grant Program

The GFX Challenge Grant Program 2021, sponsored by FUJIFILM, is a grant program that awards 5 Global Grant Awards and 10 Regional Grant Awards to help aspiring creatives bring their imaging projects to life. It is designed to nurture and develop the skills of emerging and promising content creators, giving them the opportunity to create content on topics that have significant meaning to them, while gaining experience using FUJIFILM GFX System gear.

Proposed projects may be submitted as still photography or in a movie format. Submit a project proposal now for a chance to receive one of the desired awards, and take the first step in turning your creative idea into reality!

At the conclusion of the production period in August 2022, the award recipients’ final content will be showcased on the Fujifilm-X website.

Entry Period: November 10, 2021 to January 5, 2022

Menstruation is NOT a Problem – “THE PINK CUP”

What is wrong with us that we do not see something that is so natural as natural? Something that happens to half of the world’s population over a large portion of their lives? Menstruation is not a problem, the problem is everything that surrounds it. How men have used it to oppress women, to keep them uninformed, to deny them opportunities. In the 21st century it is unacceptable that a girl should stop going to class because she is menstruating, but in countries like Chad, Africa it is still the norm…

Menstruation has always been and most of the time still is a taboo topic. Especially, in developing countries with a lower lever of reconnaissance, women get excluded and laughed at when they have menstruation. For example, they are not allowed to cook when having their periods. Girls even avoid going to school during that time because they cannot help getting bloodstained and their classmates laugh at them. All these problems occur because of sanitary issues and women kept uninformed. Being able to use a menstruation cup which usually appears in a pink colour would prevent these women from getting bloodstained. Consequently, they are able to continue going to school while being on their period and no longer miss a month and a half per year of classes. Subsequently, females would no longer have a tremendous disadvantage compared to their male counterparts.

Regarding this important matter, photographer Antonio López Díaz created a photo exhibition exclusively concerning this issue. From October 10 to November 7, 2021, he exhibited “The Pink Cup”, the theme of his photo series, at the EFTI International Centre of Photography and Film in Madrid, Spain. His event was sponsored by Fujifilm and all his pictures have been taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera and various Fujinon XF lenses. Additionally, all the images that can be seen in this exhibition have been captured on “Maxima Fujicolor Crystal Archive” professional silver halide paper at the Dinasa photo lab. The exhibition also documents the Grosso Foundation project, in which gynecologist Laura de Mingo gave informative classes on menstruation and female anatomy to Chadian women. She explained the advantages of the menstrual cup for the conditions in which they experience their menstruation.

Anzonio López Díaz knew it was not an easy task to figure out how to capture menstruation in an image, but he believes that he solved this problem with dignity.

Find your paper

Photography has always been a major part of Fujifilm. Therefore, we not only provide our customers with the best state-of-the-art photography equipment, but also offer a vast variety of different photo papers. FUJIFILM Original Photopaper is the market leader in photographic paper and offers a wide range of high-quality paper products. Adapting to the price and quality ratio or specialising for professional photo books, FUJIFILM Original Photopaper covers all different kinds of paper to fit your specific needs. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to find the right photo paper for yourself, your company or a memory you want to visualise. Consequently, this guide aims to help you find the paper type fitting your needs.

Overall, we offer thirteen different types of photo paper, which all have different and unique characteristics to assure the best quality possible.

Photo Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper

Our standard photo paper which in fact is everything but standard offers you excellent image stability, vivid colour reproduction, an exceptional photo handling and a lot more. Keeping every moment as an unforgettable memory, since the Crystal Archive Paper is perfect for everyday snapshots and single prints. Hence, holiday pictures and school photography become your moving memory.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme

The Supreme is perfect for keeping unrivalled moments like your kids’ graduation, your wedding or other unforgettable events. This photographic paper is excellent for wall decoration since it has a thicker base compared to the standard Crystal Archive Paper. Furthermore, it features the golden back print and is suitable for digital and analogue printers.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme High Definition

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD is a premium paper which was specially designed for the semi-professional photographer. Compared to the Supreme Paper, the thickness is higher and the colour range is wider. Additionally, this photo paper enables more brilliant whites with clearer, more distinct highlight details and more vivid colour reproduction. It is perfect for commercial work or professional photo shoots and makes your landscape photography especially during autumn season with its amazing gold, red and brown colours stand out.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – Maxima

Sometimes we wish we could capture and turn a unique and magical moment into a piece of art without losing the moments’ charisma. Now, this becomes reality with the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – Maxima being the next generation of photo paper. The silver halide colour paper Maxima offers an outstanding increase in image lifespan. Mesmerising deep blacks, satured colours and stunning shadow details distinguish this product from everything you have seen before. Especially, its special design for high-end prints makes it the ideal photo paper for gallery and exhibition settings.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII

Offering the widest colour gamut, maximum density for deep blacks and excellent colour saturation, the Fujifcolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII was specially design for professional use. This silver halide photo paper makes your pictures outshine reality while complying all needs a professional photographer or artist demands.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Pearl

If you thought we forgot about all the glamorous and golden moments and photographer among you, then you were wrong. The photo paper Pearl is our most glamorous one. In addition to this silver halide photographic paper’s professional qualities, it also comes with embedded pearl-like particles which create a distinctive iridescent appearance with a thick base and high stiffness. It is characterised by its high-gloss with iridescent, pearl-like effect, exceptional sharpness, excellent image stability, vibrant colour reproduction, wide colour gamut and maximum density. Capture and transform those special moment like your treasured wedding or impeccable portraits with the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Pearl into lifelong memories.


Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper will tell your stories for you. This silver halide colour paper is designed to produce prints of high image quality for photo albums and was specially developed for lay-flat binding. Showcase and look through your cherished life story over and over again without leaving a trace, keeping your photos vivid and as good as new for generations to come.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper XS

Quality photo albums on super thin paper has always been problematic. Therefore, the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album XS was specially designed to make this experience possible. It provides an optimal thickness while still delivering the expected colour reproduction. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper XS meets all your demands and makes even more pages on an album possible since the pages are very thin. Overall, it delivers the “WOW” factor in print quality, haptics of pages and natural gloss.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album HD Paper

This unique album paper is perfect for all your once-in-a-lifetime memories. The premium and professional photo album product delivers enhanced colour reproduction, a wider colour range and excellent image stability. Furthermore, it has an improved resistance to all humidity conditions since the protective layer provides optimal protection. It makes your memories feel like as if you are back at these special places and moments again.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Premium HDX X-TRA Coat

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Premium HDX X-TRA Coat represents the most resilient paper in our photo paper range. This photo paper is full of surprises and will convince you with its special characteristics. The Premium HDX X-TRA Coat not only incorporates the high definition silver halide emulsion technology, but it also prevents the development of a sticky surface at high humidity and high temperatures thanks to its  X-TRA coat layer. This premium paper will never fail to ‘X-TRA’ please you.


Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Textured Paper Linen

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Textured Paper Linen transforms your photo prints into a piece of art. This textured photo linen is characterised by its fine and delicately structured surface, which adds an extraordinary touch to your memories. The Professional Texture Paper Linen features renowned silver halide emulsion technology and comes with a professional coating as well as its unique, premium and linen surface design. It is perfectly designed for albums, calendars, wall decoration or picture frames which will make your special moments seem even more valuable and transform them into an eye-catcher.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Textured Paper Canvas

Fujifilm’s Textured Paper Canvas transform yet again your photo images into masterpieces. They incorporate the heirloom silver halide emulsion technology and come with a professional coating and a unique, irregular canvas-like surface design. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Textured Paper Canvas are ideal for fine art photography prints and turn your pictures into canvas with real art quality. This photo paper will take your photo business to the next level.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Paper

Sensual, elegant and breathtaking expresses how we feel about our most luxurious photo paper in our product range. It creates a stunningly soft and deep-matte effect thanks to its professional coating with a zero-reflective top layer. As a professional photographer you are able to turn your pieces into fine art and surprise your customers with this new and unique line extension to Fujifilm Silver Halide professional papers.

Fujifilm offers a vast variety of photo papers, but every colour paper is unique and covers specific needs. No matter if you are a professional photographer, gallerist or a person who is simply in love with photography and capturing special moments, Fujifilm has you covered. Chose the one photo paper that fits you and your expectations best, and start transforming your memorable moments into lifelong masterpieces.