Picture Perfect in Stockholm

It is not always easy to find the perfect photoshoot spot in every city. To help you find the perfect shooting spot in Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, our colleagues from instax have created a guide for you so you do not have to search for the perfect picture. Let’s get you inspired so that you only need to put on a cool outfit, grab a friend to bring with you, and you are ready to discover Stockholm in the best way!

Fujifilm Europe introduces the new instax mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Today there is excellent news: Fujifilm Europe, Photo Imaging Division, has just announced the European launch of its new FUJIFILM instax mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer, which will be available from 22nd June 2022. But now, we don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer and present to you the wide range of new features of the instax mini Link 2:

The focus of the new smartphone printer is to encourage creativity, with customizable frames and image color modes helping to enhance the mood of an image.

An exciting new feature for instax mini Link 2 is instaxAIR™, which takes interactivity and personalization to a new level by allowing the printer to draw ‘in the air’ and apply the effect directly to the print.

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Last-minute Mother’s Day DIY: How to make a quick and simple Mother’s Day gift with your favourite photos

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and although it’s on the second Sunday of May every year, it often comes earlier than you think, doesn’t it? Thanks to our last-minute photo gift DIY for your mum, you can make a great present in no time.

What you need:

  • a potted flower (e.g. daisies or begonias)
  • Shashlik sticks, wooden sticks or straws
  • Washi tape and stickers
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Your favourite photos with your mum
  • Paper (optional)
  • Colored pens (optional)
  • Kitchen twine or parcel string (optional)

Giu Alfeo – Dancing on your longboard

Fujifilm instax, our brand all around instant camera and photo taking, has started its #instaxgivesquad series in 2021. Give squad introduces a collection of creators from all kinds of fields that express their way of turning their very own experiences into creativity giving it a new meaning.

@giu.alfeo is a longboard dancer from Germany. Giu experiences themselves as a member of a worldwide longboard community, joining it with the aim for open conversations and the sharing of creative ideas and concepts. Giu’s background in dance and design heavily informs their style of longboard dancing. And as their platform has grown, they love to highlight others whose background provides an equally unique perspective on this evolving sport.    

So if that beautiful late summer day in August comes along, why not go out there and try some dance moves on your own longboard. And if you want to get to know Giu better, check out their Instagram page.                            

Want to see even more instax givesquad creators? Then jump on over to instax.com/givesquad.          

Tell their stories with instax

“Sometimes as humans, it’s really hard to communicate the feelings we have inside and it’s easier to express them in a creative way.”

Héctor Bellerín 

Save the Children’s Coaching For Life programme and The Arsenal Foundation have documented the lives of young Syrian refugees living in Za’atari Refugee Camp (Syria) with the power of instax. Fronted by renowned photographer Pixie Levinson and Arsenal soccer player Héctor Bellerín – a passionate photographer – the project saw donated instax SQ1 SQUARE cameras given to Syrian refugee children to tell their own stories through the camera lens to help the children express themselves through the creative medium.

Yara is 17 years old and fled her home in Syria eight years ago: “I felt lost, unsafe and sad leaving my homeland. I have left everything beautiful behind and I miss my friends and family. The most difficult thing about living in Za’atari is feeling alienated, but football and photography have helped me feel less alone. Coaching for Life has taught me patience and teamwork. I love making decisions as a team – we are one soul. Also, the photography project has allowed me to express myself – the photograph I took of the flower represents my hope for the future, because every time the flower falls it springs up again. One day, I hope to become a journalist to show people the authentic stories behind the news.”

At the end of the project, Héctor and Pixie curated a collection of their favourite instax prints, like Yara’s, to mark ten years since the war in Syria began on 15th March 2011.

To find out more about this life-changing programme and help build a better future for children, visit https://stories.savethechildren.org.uk/coaching-for-life/

instaXmas – Get closer to your loved ones with instax

2020 has been and still is a particular year to all of us. Now that we are facing Christmas time we all are asked to find new ways of celebrating togetherness while keeping our loved ones safe through distancing. Our instaXmas DIYs can help you to be close to family and friends during December – even in those times of social distancing. Have yourself a festive Advent Season and “instax” your Christmas.

Many thanks to instax UK for the inspiration and the shots! Check out their instax Blog to get even more inspirational instax DIY ideas.

What you’ll need:
-Clear DIY 100mm baubles
-Festive string
-instax prints
-Shredded paper/tinsel

The DIY baubles need to measure 100mm or your instax prints won’t fit.

Gently open a bauble and place your instax print in one half and fill the other half with shredded paper/tinsel and then carefully fit the bauble back together. This may take a few attempts, to ensure that none of the paper or tinsel hangs out or obstructs your instax print, but we know you’ll be pleased with the results! Once slotted together, thread some festive string through the whole in the top. Check the string length for hanging and once you’ve got your desired length tie a knot.

What you’ll need:
-Festive string
-Hole punch, or needle
-instax prints

If you don’t fancy trapping your instax prints in baubles then why not simply let them hang free? Using the instax SHARE app, print your favourite pictures upside down so that the wider white area is at the top of your image. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the widest part, or if you’d prefer a smaller hole, carefully use a needle.

Important – never punch a hole into undeveloped film as the chemicals sit inside the wide white part of the film and will be harmful to your skin! If you don’t want to punch a hole, you can print as normal and stick the instax print to a piece of card and punch the hole in the card instead.

Thread through your string, tie a knot then get decorating. We definitely recommend this idea for your office Christmas tree, especially if you have shots from any Christmas jumper days!

Who says you’re too old for a stocking? Not us! These personalised stockings can make a great gift bag alternative or make yourself one (and hope it gets filled!).

What you’ll need:
-Christmas stocking
-Glue gun or craft glue
-Crafty extras of your choice

Print off your instax pictures of yourself if the stocking’s for you, the person you’re gifting it to or a festive-themed image.

Place your pictures on the stocking to lay out the design – we advise doing this before you glue anything down so you can see what everything looks like. Arrange your crafty bits and then when you’re happy with your layout, get gluing! Take care as glue guns get hot. Make sure to let your design dry before you fill or hang your stocking.

We wish you a festive Advent Season and creative time together with beautiful pictures to share with your loved ones.