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Halloween DIY: Have Fun While Staying Safe

Many thanks to instax UK for the inspiration and the shots! Check out their instax Blog to get even more inspirational instax DIY ideas.

Some Halloween traditions may look different this year, but it can still be a lot of fun. Celebrate the spookiest time of year safely with your family at home and make sure the only thing to be scared of is the costumes. Make it safe, keep it fun!
Here are some quick and easy tips to add a fun, creative edge using instax prints! Take the chance for you and the members of your household to get creative, and maybe even invent some new traditions for your family!

Toffee Apple Treat Tags

What you need:

  • 6 apples
  • 350g sugar (golden caster sugar or brown sugar)
  • 100ml water
  • 35g butter
  • 2tsp white vinegar
  • 2tbsp golden syrup
  • Baking paper
  • Wooden toffee apple sticks/lollipop sticks
  • Clear film or bagsSugar thermometer (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

How to create:

Clean your apples and dry them thoroughly.
Twist off each stalk and push a wooden stick into the stalk end of each apple.
Cut a piece of baking paper big enough for all the apples with generous space between them.
Put the sugar and water into a pan on a medium heat. Cook until the sugar has dissolved and then stir in the butter, vinegar and golden syrup.
TIP: If you have a sugar thermometer boil to around 120°C, or test the toffee by spooning a small amount into a bowl of cold water. If it’s ready it will ball up and harden; if it’s not, it will break up.
When it’s ready, turn off the heat.

Now you need to work quickly. Dip each apple into the toffee. Make sure it’s covered before taking it out – let any excess toffee drip off back into the pan. Place it on the baking paper to dry.
The apples should take around 15 minutes to fully dry, then it’s time to get wrapping and gift tagging.

Turn on your instax  Printer and connect your camera using the instax SHARE app.
Select a picture to print, click edit and rotate the image 180° so it looks upside down. This is so when you punch a hole in the top of the print, the gift tag hangs so the picture is the right way up (Important – never punch a hole into undeveloped film as the chemicals sit inside the wide white part of the film and will be harmful to your skin!).
If you don’t want to punch a hole, you can print as normal and stick the instax print to a piece of card and punch the hole in the card instead.
Wrap your toffee apple with film or place it in a film bag (stick upwards),
thread your ribbon through the hole in the print, then wrap it around the film and tie it in a bow.

Photo Piñata

Buy a spooky-themed piñata for your party. Fill it with sweets and instax pictures so it will be even more of a surprise when the winner smashes it open.

Pumpkin Carving

This is one Halloween tradition that is as safe and fun as ever – apart from carving injuries! So as always, please be careful with the knife!
Create some scary pumpkin faces and make it an unforgettable event with your family by taking some snaps with your instax camera.
TIP: Roast the pumpkin’s seeds for a healthy snack!

Ghoulish Goodie Bags

So no sweets and snacks get left behind, create personalised gift bags for your friends and surprise them. Choose some pictures from last year’s Halloween parties which have great memories for you and your friends, stick them to the goodie bags and decorate in Halloween bits. Hand out the candy bags by placing them in front of their door. So this is a way to still feel connected to your friends, even during COVID and by keeping distance.

7 Fun Ways Your instax Can Make You Smile

Many thanks to instax UK and Mollie Rose for the inspiration and the shots! Check out their instax Blog to get even more inspirational instax DIY ideas.

You are looking for some new ways to keep yourself entertained? Let’ s sit down on a sunday afternoon and explore some ways your instax camera can bring some laughter to your day.

1. Give your furry friend a moustache or a crown

To achieve this we used the instax mini LiPlay camera. Via the mini LiPlay App, you choose the frames you like the most and add them onto the ‘favourites’ so you could experiment (you’ll find the 1,2,3 buttons on the side of your mini LiPlay), and then position your furry friend to match up to them perfectly. Extra tip: A treat in front of the camera will get your pet posing.

2. Create abstract patterns and art with ‘boring’ random objects that you find in your house.

The top left image was taken when Molly rested her instax SQUARE SQ20 on her red sun lounger outside. We love how it created an obscure pattern with the grass peeking through the criss-cross pattern on the sunbed. The other images were achieved with water, ice, glass and a phone torch. Placing a phone torchlight shining underneath a glass illuminates it and ‘backlights’ whatever is in the glass. This is what creates the depth and gives your abstract image a cool aesthetic.

Using cranberry juice will create a gorgeous pink colour, and adding soda water will give you some bubbles. After that, add some ice, if you look carefully you can spy this in the top right and bottom left images.  The digital screen of the instax SQUARE SQ20 will help you to position and expose your abstract images. Have a look around your kitchen and see what you can create!

3. Print out your favourite old photos of your friends on the instax mini Link printer and post them for a surprise!

Do you remeber the last trip with your bestie or the best party ever you had together? Go through you phone and dicover your favourite old photos and make these memories last forever by printing them on the instax mini Link printer. And now you can put a smile on your friends’ faces.

4. Fancy partaking in a makeup or face paint challenge?

Reckon you could do your makeup or face paint in 5 minutes? Yep? What about when you’re only allowed to look into the teeny tiny instax selfie mirror on the front of most cameras!? It’s definitely harder than it seems! Snap a selfie afterwards and tag #InstaxSelfieMirrorChallenge.

5. Play a homemade game of Noughts & Crosses!

You can do this with any two themes of instant print images you choose. Give your opposition one theme whilst you take the other; these are your new Noughts & Crosses! And you know the rest…first to 3 in a row wins. In total, you’ll need 5 prints of each theme to play a full game.

6. Master a handstand without even trying!

Here you may have guessed that Mollies hands are her feet and her feet are her hands (…there’s also a football in her hood!). You may have seen the upside-down challenge on TikTok… why not try making it into an instant print too?!
By using the instax SQUARE SQ20 you can try it with the ‘timeshift’ mode. This breaks the scene up into 4 different images, moments apart. However, you can make regular prints on all the other instax cameras.

7. Play with perspectives!

Here you can see the tulip is the skirt! Just place the flower in the foreground of the camera (ensure you’re not too close so your instax camera still focuses on the foreground). Then let someone else, who takes the photo, direct you into position.

Have fun while trying all the creative features with your instax and enjoy your weekend with a lot of laughter!

Design Your Own Home Workout With the instax mini 11

Many thanks to instax UK and Mollie Rose for the inspiration and the shots! Check out their instax Blog to get even more inspirational instax DIY ideas.

We hope you’re still feeling healthy, motivated and happy in your #fujicomfortzone.
We know, it’s not that easy staying active and having a sport routine without the workout classes at the gym. So why not beeing your own instructor or personal trainer at home?

Here’s a creative solution by Mollie Rose! She decided to photograph 5 cardio and 10 strength & core exercises on her instax mini 11.
Whenever you feel like doing a workout you can blindly pick however many you feel like on the day to create your own routines.

Here are some examples of the routines that hopefully give you some inspiration to create your own exercises.

Workout 1

Squat: 3 sets of 20

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, drive your hips back bending your knees and pressing them slightly open. Sit into a squat position while keeping your heels and toes on the ground, chest up and shoulders back.

Mountain Climbers: 3 sets of 20 seconds

Get into a plank position, bring one knee up towards your stomach in one smooth motion, and then repeat the action with your other knee, and continue alternating.

Russian Twist: 3 sets of 30 seconds

Sit on the floor and bring your legs out straight, lean back so your torso and legs form a low V shape. Balance and twist your torso from side to side and feel the burn!!

Workout 2

Burpees: 3 sets of 20 seconds

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-distance apart, bend your knees and squat down whilst bringing your hands to the ground. Jump your feet back into a plank position, complete a pushup and then jump your feet back to meet your hands, and immediately jump up tall off the ground. Land softly into a squat position and repeat.

Jumping Jack: 3 sets of 30 seconds

Stand tall with your legs together and arms by your side. Bend your knees and jump into the air, whilst jumping spread your legs to about shoulder-width apart and lift your arms above your head. Jump back to your starting position and repeat.

Lunges: 3 sets of 20 on each leg

Keep your upper body straight whilst stepping forward with one leg, lower your hips, and bend your knees to about a 90-degree angle. Ensure your front knee is directly above your ankle. Then step back into your starting position and repeat on each leg.

Plank: 3 sets of 30 seconds

Get into a pushup position and put your forearms on the ground propping you up. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdominals whilst keeping your neck and spine neutral. Create a strong line from your head to toe and hold.

Workout 3

High Knees: 3 sets of 30 seconds

Stand up straight and place your feet hip-width apart. Quickly drive your right knee to meet your right hand, bring that same leg back down to the ground, and immediately bring your left knee to meet your left hand. Repeat and as you alternate your knees ensure you’re creating a hopping motion and you’re consistently on the balls of your feet.

Donkey Kicks: 3 sets of 15 on each leg

Position yourself on all fours with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Make sure your back is flat and tuck your chin slightly. Keeping the 90-degree bend in your right knee,  slowly lift your left up and back towards the ceiling. The maximum height you should go should feel comfortable and ensures your back doesn’t arch and your hips do not rotate.

Leg Raises: 3 sets of 10

Lie on your back with your legs straight together, slowly begin to lift your legs up to the ceiling whilst keeping them as straight as possible. Engage your core to ensure you don’t hurt your back. Maintaining that core strength, slowly lift your legs back down until they are just above the floor. Hold for a moment and then repeat.

Workout 4

Single-Leg Bridge: 3 sets of 10 on each leg

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms at your side with your palms down. Raise one leg until it is stretched out straight off the ground. Then lift your hips until your body forms a straight line. Hold for a moment, then slowly lower down and repeat.

Lizard Jumps: 3 sets of 20 seconds

Step your right foot to the outside of your right hand. Hold for a moment. Switch your legs with a small jump or hop. Hold and repeat.

Side Lunge: 3 sets of 20 on each leg

Start with your feet together and toes facing front. Then step your left leg as far wide as possible, engage your left heel as you drop your hips back and down while keeping the right leg straight. Ensure you keep the soles of your feet on the ground and toes pointed forward.

Side Plank: 3 sets of 20 seconds on each side

Begin on your side with your feet together and one forearm below your shoulder propping you up. Raise your hips until your body is in a straight line and engage your core. Raise your free arm straight up above you and hold. Repeat on the other side.

Locust Pose: 3 sets of 10 seconds

Lie on your stomach with your arms by your side. Inhale and raise your head to look forward, engage your thighs to lift your legs and raise your chest off the mat. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat.

Cookbook with instax photos

Don’t you feel the same way? It’s difficult to try out a recipe without taking a picture. How wonderful would it be if you could create your own book of all your favourite recipes with cool instax pics?
Keep the recipes for making breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, etc. in your personalized cookbook. Write down the required ingredients and steps, and decorate each page with pretty instax photos.

1. Write the recipe down in a notebook, and then prepare the necessary ingredients.

2. Start making the food and take photos of the important steps with your instax.

3. When all is finished, take a photo of the food. Zoom in so the image fills the frame, making it look really tasty.

4. Paste the photos in the notebook. Now your original cookbook is ready.