Fujifilm’s Strategic Acquisition Enhances Leadership in Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing

In a transformative move that underscores its commitment to becoming a leading force in the semiconductor materials manufacturing industry, FUJIFILM Corporation has successfully completed the acquisition of the electronic chemicals business previously owned by Entegris, Inc. This acquisition, which amounted to $700 million, not only fortifies Fujifilm’s position but also reinforces its dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of electronic materials. This transformative development is a significant step in their journey towards achieving a revised sales target of JPY 500 billion by 2030.

Expanding Horizons

The acquired business, formerly known as CMC Materials KMG Corporation, is now rebranded as FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Process Chemicals. With this strategic acquisition, Fujifilm has broadened its product portfolio in electronic chemicals. The new addition includes a comprehensive product line-up and twelve additional sites across the United States, Europe, and Singapore, marking Fujifilm’s first electronic materials manufacturing site in Southeast Asia. This expansion brings Fujifilm’s total electronic materials manufacturing footprint to 18 strategically located sites, ensuring enhanced supply chain resilience for the semiconductor industry.

Diversified Product Offerings

One of the standout advantages of this acquisition is the ability to offer a more comprehensive range of electronic chemicals to customers. This includes the inclusion of the High Purity Process Chemicals (HPPCs) product line, a vital component in the semiconductor manufacturing process, primarily used for etching and cleaning silicon wafers. This addition complements Fujifilm’s existing products in formulated products and high purity solvents. Furthermore, this strategic move also incorporates the Total Chemical Management business, which encompasses on-site and off-site logistics services provided to customers in Southeast Asia and Europe.

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