Click, Whirr, Captured! INSTAX shows up at the University of Porto

There are fairy times when technology and creativity blend in a unique way. That is when true wonders are born – and INSTAX is a real pro at this mastery. On October 10-12, Fujifilm Portugal thunderstruck the FEUP Career Fair 2023 – the biggest recruitment event in the School of Engineering of Porto University.

With leading-edge INSTAX Link printers and the very first digital camera in the lineup INSTAX Pal, we turned the campus into the live lab for creating memories. Young talents could discover the transformative power of photography and the art of turning small moments into big, everlasting memories.

It is not just about showcasing cutting-edge technology. It’s a reminder that everything is possible if glimpsing out of the box.

In a Spotlight: INSTAX Pal

Our new INSTAX Pal took the stage being nothing short of a showstopper. Bringing unparalleled simplicity, it’s set to redefine the way we experience instant photography. This camera encapsulates our commitment to making photography accessible to everybody, wherever you are.

Tangible Memories in a Click

From casual hangouts with friends to funny moments at the university campus, INSTAX Link printers are designed to transform everyday experiences into cherished keepsakes. Seamlessly connecting to your smartphone, they ensure you can instantly print and share the best moments with your loved ones. It’s your magic wand for creating memories you can touch and hold.

There’s a lot of cool events in a pocket, so stay tuned!

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