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5 tips for the perfect photo of your cute pet!

During the lockdown, our pets were the best coworker, and today, for the world cat day we would like to suggest 5 tips & tricks to make perfect pets photo. We are aware that taking photographs of pets can sometimes be as difficult as shooting but don’t worry if you follow these 5 tips you can do the best picture ever of your pets!

  1. Use Sun Light
    You don’t certainly have to worry about flashes and intricate lighting setups when taking photos of pets. Natural light is almost always best in these circumstances, we won’t frighten them or produce red-eye in your images.
  2. Stay at their Level
    Everybody is used to seeing pets from above, try shooting from various angles. You may have to crouch with your camera or lie on your floor to level the camera the objective is to show the world from their point of view. 
  3. Take Their Attention
    A few treats and favourite toys can go a long way in getting pets to stay put and call for your pet’s attention. Shoot when they look in your direction and you’ll be able to capture them with their full attention on your camera.
  4. Apply Fast Shutter Speeds
    Because your pet will be moving quickly and you want to make sure the photos are free from blur you’ll need to use a camera that offers fast shutter speeds to freeze action.
  5. Be creative and, of course, be patient!
    Be creative, you can try to be a little more original: try to focus on the details! Their ears or their eyes for example. But aside from camera gear and photography know-how, another important thing that pet photography requires is PATIENCE. Be patient and enjoy with your pet!

Looking forward to seeing your pet portraits! 😉

  • Photographers: Camilla Mastaglio, Riccardo Scotti, Marcella Fenti
  • Cats: Sugo, Bilbo, Dalì
  • Camera:  Fujifilm X-T3

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