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Video: X-Photographer Pete Bridgwood talks about his experience with the X-Pro2 camera

X-Photographer Pete Bridgwood talks about the new X-Pro2 and how it has helped him translate the emotional experience of a landscape into his finished prints.

Pete Bridgwood

pete bridgwoodPete Bridgwood is a fine-art landscape photographer and writer from Nottingham in the UK. He started making photographs back in 1978 with black and white film and manual cameras, using wet-process in a traditional darkroom. This time spent in his youth, learning about the traditional process proved invaluable to Pete, but his workflow is now completely digital and he now uses X-Series cameras exclusively. “They facilitate communication for me in a way that’s impossible with any other type of camera and they rediscover this nostalgic feel for photography that was lost in the early digital years. Perhaps the greatest challenge in creative landscape photography comes from encapsulating the soul or spirit of the location and communicating that captured perception to the viewer of the final print. Fuji X-Series allow me to accomplish this emotive translation in a seamless way, and the X-Pro2 is the ultimate evolution of these amazing cameras”

If you would like to see more of Pete’s work, please click here.


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5 comments on “Video: X-Photographer Pete Bridgwood talks about his experience with the X-Pro2 camera

  1. Brilliant video great information and experiences shared by Pete Bridgwood…

  2. Nice work Pete.. great to see you out there in all weathers…

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  4. Great video. Very professionally, and delightfully, put together.

  5. I have to admit, it feels a little like Johny Ive (from Apple). Well done!