World Book and Copyright Day – Fujifilm colouring books lighten phases of lockdown for kids and parents

Today marks World Book and Copyright Day, launched by UNESCO to celebrate the importance of reading with children all around the world.

At Fujifilm, we know the value of education and the power of print. Which is why, in response to the pandemic and the disruption to education felt by so many students around the world, we created our very own Fujifilm colouring books to support young students, teachers, parents and carers adapt to this sudden change of routine.

The colouring books, aimed at 5-8 year olds, help to explain real-world, everyday applications of science and innovation in a fun and exciting way, learning through the power of colouring. Children in the UK and Turkey so far have been learning along with Peter Pigment, Phoebe Photon, Victor Virus and Charlotte Cho as they explain the science that power Fujifilm technologies, from taking a photography to manufacturing a vaccine.

Phoebe Photon explains how light is used when taking a photo and the technology found in digital cameras, while Peter Pigment demonstrates how these photos are printed with inks of all colours manufactured at his Ink Factory. Taking a focus on biology, Victor Virus tells readers about how small viruses like him can be used to help sick people get better.

In Bedford, UK – where FUJIFILM UK Ltd. Is headquartered – we worked with the local council to provide physical copies of the colouring books. The books, which were printed on Fujifilm Acuity printers, were delivered to local primary schools as the new school year began in 2020.

In Turkey, we worked together with the KAÇUV Foundation (English: The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer). We gifted our colouring books to the children of KAÇUV on this year’s Childhood Cancer Day. The books reached the children in KAÇUV’s Family Houses and hospitals, and made them smile. 

In Germany  – Our colleagues shared the printed colouring books with the local community via public bookshelves around our European Headquarters in Düsseldorf. The public bookshelves can be found throughout the city area and are run by Literaturbüro NRW.

Our two colleagues shared the colouring books on a sunny and windy day. They found the public bookshelves in a lot of different areas – in vivid, cosy and quiet neighbourhoods of the town. This way, Peter Pigment and his friends are now waiting for their German readers in the neighbourhood of playgrounds, Düsseldorf’s famous TV Tower, restaurants, police stations and churches. Peter Pigment, Phoebe Photon, Victor Virus and Charlotte Cho feel extremely comfortable in the children’s book section, a lower area within the bookshelves, where they wait for and are easy to be reached by small readers and artists.

Beyond this, all colouring books are free to download and can be printed at home – and with the knowledge that not every child has easy access to a printer, the files can also be loaded into a smartphone or tablet device and accessed digitally.

Download possibilities:

Please find the English colouring books here:

Please find the German colouring books here:

We are proud to support young students and education providers not only with learning through these difficult times but also with a fun activity to complete during lockdown that can be conducted at a distance.

Never Stop Printing

Printing never stops but unusual times require extraordinary approaches. FUJIFILM supports its partners in the local onsite printing business. Spread the news, let your customer know you are still open to receive orders. Engage on social platforms. Be creative. Join the community. #letthemknow #neverstopprinting

In these difficult times, many of us are looking for ways to help out our friends and neighbors who own and work in small businesses. We can’t forget the local photo retailers whom we’ve relied on to print our most cherished memories over the years. A lot of these shops are closed to customers during lockdown, their printers sitting idle. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We still need our photos printed, now more than ever. What better way to cope with the isolation that lockdown can bring than to share our lives with the people we care about?

We want to send postcards to friends to tell them how we’re doing. We want to make scrapbooks to relive our old memories, and hold onto the new ones that we’re making in these times. We want to break out of our boredom and have fun with prints on social media, sharing laughs and camaraderie with friends around the world because we’re all in this together. And please, give us something nice to hang on our walls, because we’re staring at them more than ever now.

These unusual times require extraordinary approaches. As a photo retailer, you can’t just wait for people to walk through your door. You must go to them. But how can you do this when the entire landscape has shifted so radically?

People can still send their images to you so that they can be printed. You don’t need a dedicated system to make things work in this new, thankfully temporary age. You can use email, SMS, or WhatsApp to transfer photos. Just figure out the payment option that works best for you and your customers, whether it’s bank transfers, PayPal, or something else. Then you can mail prints back to your friends and neighbors at home. Let them hold their memories and support you as a local business.

Your friends at Fujifilm want to help you, too. Let’s all work together as a community to remind the world that photo printing is both needed and available. Hundreds of thousands of people are already showing their support for their local businesses through social media and hashtags. Join them.

For information on how to join the global community of local photo retailers,
contact your local FUJIFILM partner.

#supportlocalphoto #letthemknow #weareopen #neverstopprinting