Quick Techniques – Beginners: Shooting RAW

Want to get the most out of your Fujifilm X Series cameras? Our Quick Techniques will provide you with lots of handy hints and tips to help you understand the features our range offers. This week we look at shooting RAW.

Shooting RAW

It’s a regular discussion amongst photographers – should I be shooting RAW? In this tutorial, we’ll explain the benefits of using the RAW file format and how Fujifilm X Series cameras have a range of RAW-related features to help you get great results.

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4 comments on “Quick Techniques – Beginners: Shooting RAW

  1. I’m sure these videos are informative, but the sub-titling is appalling. On one occasion the word war is used, so how many words is the auto captioning failing on.

  2. Of all the topics to introduce beginners to, RAW would be last on my list. It sort of tells them don’t worry about metering, just fix it in post.

    JPEG’s have come a long way in the last 10 to 15 years. Pro’s now shoot JPEG. Yes there are certainly those that cannot make the change as, they are “real” photographers. But beginners are the future. Don’t mire them down with the past.

  3. I accidentally it the format but I didn’t hit delete but all my pictures are gone. So are they gone? There is a number saying 953 on the camera and that was how many pictures I had taken. So help please