Toshi’s Guests: Annika Schulz

Welcome to the interview series ‘Toshi’s Guest’ where Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe, welcomes different guests from the company. He meets and interviews interesting women through Fujifilm Europe while learning about their soft skills, goals, and roles as professionals, leaders, mothers, and women.

The new year starts with Annika Schulz as an interview guest, who is Internal Communication and Branding Officer for Fujifilm Europe.

Starting her career as a dual student at Fujifilm, Annika has constantly evolved and becomes now an important member of the European Coproparte Communication team, based in Ratingen. Her out-of-the-box thinking, big passion and enthusiastic energy have led her to achieve some great achievements.

But for Annika, there is nothing such as great success. She aims to be the best version of herself every day and for the maximum outcome of every project also if this means walking the extra mile.

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