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The Fujifilm X-Photographers website showcases the work of 215 different professional photographers from 44 different countries – all using Fujifilm X cameras for their craft. We have very recently added another twelve new photographers, including the following four from the UK:

Damien Lovegrove – X-Pro1 and X100

Damien Lovegrove left his role as a cameraman and lighting director at the BBC back in 1998 after 14 successful years to create the renowned Lovegrove Weddings partnership with his wife Julie. Together they shot over 400 top weddings for discerning clients worldwide.

The X100 rekindled my creative soul and made me fall in love with picture taking again. I saw a prototype of the X100 in a glass cabinet at Photokina back in 2010 and I knew my life was about to change. Photography is my life. It’s my release. I love to see and capture beauty in people in a freely expressive way. I create my pictures from scratch. I control the light and I direct emotion.

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Nick Mellor – X-Pro1 and X-E2

Nick has been a professional photographer for over thirty years during which time he has worked in must area’s of photography from journalism to fashion, commercial to fine art including owning one of the largest commercial studio’s in Scotland he now enjoys passing on his knowledge through teaching photography from his home in the north east of Scotland.

I now use the Fuji X System exclusively, operating an X-Pro1 and two X-E2s. Teaching with the X System also has its advantages as many students believed that good results could only be achieved from high end DSLR’s so when they see their tutor using this type of equipment it’s easy to see why but now with the Fuji X System they can get the same results from a camera well within the budget of most photographers coupled with the ease of use and the compact size it makes the X System the obvious choice.

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Patrick Stubbs – X-Pro1

Patrick Stubbs is a photographer based in Lincoln, in the heart of the UK. He photographs people and places, professionally and for love. His personal project for 2014 is to document his whole extended family using the X-Pro1.

The first camera in a long long time that I really have fallen in love with – photography is suddenly fun again!
I can travel with high quality camera gear in a very manageable bag! Fantastic quality jpegs, low light capabilities, the lenses available, and the way it blends into the background makes the X-Pro1 the perfect all round camera for me.

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Nick Palliser – X-Pro1 and X100S

Nick Palliser is a documentary and portrait photographer based on the South West coast of England.
He is also a photography teacher and runs University classes on the Business of Photography and Location Fashion Photography.

I am fortunate to have the use of many types of camera at my fingertips, yet my tools of choice are the Fuji X cameras. I am a print photographer and as such quality is paramount to me and the X-Pro1 and X100s never disappoint !
When wearing out shoe leather as I do, the weight and ergonomics of a camera become very important. Not only do the Fuji’s provide the quality, their form factor makes working with them for many hours at a time, a joy.

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