Hello World

Hello world,

We are currently working on this Fujifilm Blog, meaning we are renovating to optimise talking to – YOU. 

We will tear a few walls down to open the former blog with you, our precious world wide X-Photographer and camera community, to become the brand new Fujifilm Corporate Blog Europe and invite even more Fujifilm friends. Here, within our new premises, you and us, we will have the opportunity to meet, exchange and tell each other good stories.

As everybody knows, moving house and renovating is not people’s most favourite thing to do. One needs a good reason to handle all the box packing, carrying, paper work, organising friends to help and getting all the heavy work done. Well, we do have a very good reason to “move and renovate blog” – all the exciting, interesting and new things happening that we want to tell YOU. We, the Fujifilm employees in Europe, would like to show our Fujifilm world to you. You will experience Fujifilm’s products, our work, our events and projects. Sometimes to NEVER STOP showing our world to you means renovating and moving house. So bring some bread and salt and let’s meet here, at our brand new fujifilm.blog.

Coming soon!

Author: Fujifilm EMEA

This blog account is managed by the Corporate Communication team for Fujifilm in EMEA.

4 thoughts on “Hello World”

  1. elbondadoso – Hi there, welcome to my photosit. Since I rediscovered photography in 2008 I have been exploring all kinds of photography: nature, landscapes, portraits, street, events en so on. The "Fil rouge", as they say in French, are horses and people who care for them. I appreciate it if you would write your comment on the pictures. Please enjoy the photos.
    Dirk Van Rampelberg says:

    I am looking forward to the blog!

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