Capture Life’s Moments Like Never Before with INSTAX Pal

In an age where small moments mean the world, our latest innovation among digital cameras is set to redefine how we capture memories. In the end of September, our colleagues from the Imaging Solutions division, proudly unveiled the INSTAX Pal digital camera – a ground-breaking addition to the acclaimed INSTAX series.

The INSTAX Pal’s here to transform the way you experience photography. This palm-sized camera joins small moments and big memories, making photography more accessible and engaging. Designed to make your shooting experience truly enjoyable, it’s all about simplicity, creativity, and a whole lot of fun. Let’s delve into the world of INSTAX Pal and discover what’s the whole buzz is about.

What’s Inside the Box?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the camera, let’s unpack what you’ll find inside the box. Join Fuji Guy Francis Bellefeuille as he unboxes the brand new INSTAX Pal Digital Camera.

Feature Spotlight

Fits in a pocket

The INSTAX Pal is so compact and lightweight that it becomes your best companion wherever life takes you. With the removable multi-purpose ring on one of your fingers, it has no chance to be lost. You can also use it as a viewfinder or as a camera stand for remote shooting. And one more beautiful thing is that you don’t need any protective case or a shoulder strap – just grab it and go for a new adventure.

Remote shooting

You can now discover various tilt perspectives with a new remote shooting feature. It lets you easily frame perfect shots from the long distance and join in on group selfies without an awkward stretch. Just check the composition via your smartphone and enjoy the moment.

Snap & Print

In the link mode, the INSTAX Pal connects directly to your INSTAX Link printer via Bluetooth, automatically making prints. You can also connect it to your INSTAX mini Evo or INSTAX mini LiPlay via app and get photos in mini, square, or wide formats. All photos are sent to your smartphone as well, so you get exciting new opportunities for editing and sharing.

INSTAX Animation

Now you can combine multiple images into a video and print it with the QR code. Just scan and enjoy!

Pre-shutter sound

This feature makes each click of your camera truly unique. You can record and set your own audio as the pre-shutter sound: from laughter to words and melodies. Capture moments in your own way!

Interval shooting

Taking continuous shots at 3-second intervals, you can get a choice to pick the best one or create extraordinary visual stories.

Explore more exciting features here.

Join us in celebrating 25 years of INSTAX and experience the future of instant photography with INSTAX Pal. It’s already in stores – so try it out and make small moments feel big, one click at a time.

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