5 Tips for Travelling Safely With Your X Series Camera

As a photographer, your travel adventures would not be complete without your X Series camera along for the trip. Whether you use the photos for work or for personal use, you want to retain the best sights from your expeditions. But be savvy. Travel with your camera in a way that keeps your gear safe and lets you move freely.

To have a great travel experience with your digital camera, follow these five helpful tips.


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Secure your camera for a safe ride

As you fly or drive with your X-Series camera, your top priority is to keep your gear intact. To avoid equipment damage, disassemble external flashes and lenses from your camera body. Turbulence during travel might jostle your lens cap from its lens and leave the lens susceptible to scratches, so adhere the cap with a small piece of tape. Store everything in a bag with adequate padding.

If you fly, keep your camera in a carry-on bag rather than with checked luggage. Cameras packed with checked bags are more easily smashed by other luggage or stolen from the baggage claim section of the airport.


Pack only what you truly need

If you own a lot of gear, you might feel tempted to lug it all on your trip. But stick with just necessary items when travelling. Pack one or two zoom lenses rather than several prime ones. Carry your memory cards and charger but not too many batteries. If you fly, the number of batteries you can carry may be limited, anyway. Batteries contain flammable lithium, so many airlines restrict the amount you can bring on a flight.


Keep your lens tidy and your camera dry

Along with those other necessary items, you should travel with lens wipes and a brush. As you encounter sand and other debris on your trip, especially when you shoot outdoors, you will need to regularly tidy your lens. You may even bring a protector filter to guard your equipment from outdoor elements.

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Guard your gear from theft

If you have great equipment, others around you may take notice. Consider your travel locale and use intuition to determine precautions needed to protect your camera. To avoid unwanted attention, remove your camera from its case only once you are ready to shoot and return it to its case as soon as you are done. If you lodge in a hostel or hotel that lacks privacy or security, ask if the site has a safe you can rent to store your gear between shoots.


Protect your camera investment with insurance

The above steps lessen the likelihood of theft or damage, but still it is good to financially safeguard yourself from worst-case scenarios. If you have valuable camera gear, get an insurance policy that compensates you in case of destruction, loss or theft. Many travel insurance policies cover digital camera equipment, but check with your provider.

With your photography luggage light and secure, you can enjoy your adventure and come back with splendid shots.

Author: Leigh Diprose

Leigh works at Fujifilm Australia as a Direct Market Communications Specialist. He is an experienced photographer and blogger who enjoys sharing his extensive imaging knowledge with photographers around the world. To learn more about Fujifilm Australia's products visit http://www.fujifilm.com.au/

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