Amour and Provence: X-Pro2

X-Photographer Mark Gilligan purchased his first X Series camera five years ago and has never looked back. In this article he tells us all about his love for X-Pro2 and how it was a perfect match to capture the romance of Provence.

By Mark Gilligan

Amour and Provence

There I was, standing in a crowded Chester street, mesmerised by the beautiful object that was pulling me into the window. All black and shiny with a shape so beguiling. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Other objects did their best to attract me but failed in their attempt.

I stared long and hard and the longer I looked the broader my smile. My wife who stood alongside me said, “so, what has caught your imagination?” I didn’t speak but pointed a finger towards the glass as I introduced her to what would become my ‘other’ love.

The FUJIFILM X-Pro1. I went in, caressed it and along with the XF18mm-55mm, I took it home.

The affair had begun…..
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