Shooting architecture with the Fujifilm X Series

Architectural photographer Felix Mooneeram shares his favourite X Series lenses, top tips and post-processing techniques.

For as long as I can remember, architecture has been my interest in photography.

By Felix Mooneeram

Before becoming a photographer, I worked as a designer. I’ve always had a great appreciation for architecture and what architects do. I love thinking about the tools in their bag when I shoot buildings. It could be a simple application of a beautiful material, a playful means of connecting two spaces; or just a way of adding natural light to a space. All of these things can influence the way people engage with a building – and that is what I try to think about when I am Continue reading “Shooting architecture with the Fujifilm X Series”

Capturing interiors – a photographers guide

Have you ever wanted to shoot interior design? Well interiors photographer Maria Fernández is on hand to get you started with these excellent tips.


By Maria Fernández

Beautiful interiors are no longer only to be seen in interior design magazines. From restaurants and cafes to hotels and offices, every business, no matter its nature, is making an effort to incorporate some type of style and design to their interiors. We can’t deny there is a big trend to make spaces look simply beautiful. Interiors are one of my favourite subjects to photograph. As in any other type of photography, lighting is the Continue reading “Capturing interiors – a photographers guide”