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Feel invited to #neverstop eating healthy and fresh in your #fujicomfortzone

The Fujifilm family has reached week 3 of, where possible, working in the #homeoffice in the #fujicomfortzone.

Our colleagues sharing their #fujicomfortzone moments.

The corona pandemic has massively impacted people’s lifestyle, health and the global  economy. But it also seems to help focus on the parts of our lives that are most valuable to all of us. Across Europe, our Fujifilm workforce has jointly communicated online under the hashtag #fujicomfortzone. Our colleagues posted and expressed positive thoughts, motivation and hope for one another.

These communal posts lead to the positive fact that all over the Fujifilm family, colleagues let us know what is most valuable and precious to them. We have met partners and children, found out about furry animal house mates that explore workspaces and got a glimpse into the way colleagues live, a glance into the save place we call home – that has become a #fujicomfortzone over the recent weeks. 

Our colleagues also let us know what they consider most important when working for Fujifilm Europe while not being able to enter their office as usual. Being in contact with colleagues, via telephone or video calls – not only to get the important and valuable information that we all need to do a good job, but also to be in contact, to share excitement, fear, news and … tips and tricks that help to stay sane during quarantine. 

Over these days and weeks, we might all have learned a lot about staying mentally sane while being pretty much locked into our homes during spring. We learned about keeping the daily routine – getting up and getting dressed, having a coffee, reading the newspapers and then starting the “day at work”, we have learned about indoor sports and self motivation – just to mention a few handy tips that our friends, family and the media were able to provide us.

Fujifilm Europe’s workforce is very diverse and multicultural, colleagues bring together different languages, sports, music and art and most of all – in times of grocery shops missing toilet paper, bread, pasta and tomato juice – they bring in different cuisines. 

Well, it obviously makes a lot of sense to care about good and healthy food. Fujifilm Europe is making every effort to provide the best possible service for customers and partners during these times of crisis. Considering that “no engine runs without fuel” we should not forget to take care of ourselves to stay healthy, strong and active to work in our #fujicomfortzone. Therefore, we have prepared a beautiful but simple dish sent in by one of our colleagues that helps you – in times of chronic bread shortages, to use all of it, even the rest, the hard and old bits – as well as possible and at the same time welcome yummy beautiful fruit, colour and spring. 

So, everybody – Fujifilm family or not: Feel invited to #neverstop eating healthy and fresh in your #fujicomfortzone!

Fujifilm Europe

P.S. We are curious about your favourite spring recipes in 2020. Upload them on the usual social platforms using #fujicomfortzone.

French Toast #fujicomfortzone

Eating healthy while working at home in the #fujicomfortzone is very important. Therefore, we would like to share this recipe with you.

Fun fact: In German we call this dish “Arme Ritter”, meaning “Poor Knights” – enough information to get an idea? The best dishes and ideas often originate as emergency solutions. 

To serve 2 “Poor (hungry) Knights” you will need:

-2 slices of (old) bread
-2 eggs
-40ml milk
-4Tbsp of yogurt
-1 knob of butter
-2Tbsp jam (e.g. strawberry or raspberry)
-1Tbsp honey (pro tip: exchange with agave syrup)
-1 small glass / shot glass of orange juice 
-1 handful of raspberries (or whatever fruits are in season)

Beat milk and eggs in a bowl. (My tip: Add some cinnamon for extra taste.)
Place the slices of bread on a plate to pour the mixture on top. Leave the bread on the plate to let it soak for some time. Now and then, turn the bread. Cut the slices into four equal strips. 

Mix the jam, orange juice and honey / agave syrup in a bowl. 

Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the bread strips into the pan. 
Now, fry them quickly until golden brown on both sides. 

Arrange the bread strips on a clean plate and add yogurt, jam mixture and fruit on top.