5 steps to create mouth-watering food photography

Dreaming of an Instagram feed that looks good enough to eat but can’t quite take the right shots? Chio Fernandez gives us her tips for creating mouth-watering food photography!

By Chio Fernandez

With social media and specifically the arrival of Instagram seven years ago, we have seen an increase in the amount of people sharing food images. And they aren’t all professional photographers sharing these images. Who hasn’t met with a friend for lunch and hasn’t been able to touch their food because they had to take the perfect shot? They will move the dishes closer to a window and step on a chair to take an aerial shot, sometimes using napkins as reflectors or smartphone flashes as filling light. From a cup of coffee to the most delicious high cuisine dish at that trendy Michelin Star restaurant or just some home baking, it is guaranteed that if you are scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed you will come across a photo of food. Continue reading “5 steps to create mouth-watering food photography”