Toshi’s Guests: Isabel Pereira

Welcome to the interview series ‘Toshi’s Guest’ where Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe, welcomes different guests from the company. He meets and interviews interesting women through Fujifilm Europe while learning about their soft skills, goals, and roles as professionals and leaders and as mothers and as women.

Being the interviewer was a completely new task for me, which was very refreshing and made easy by the women.

Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe

The first guest is Isabel Pereira, who is Corporate Communication Manager and responsible for Marketing Imaging in Fujifilm Iberia. She is part of the Fujifilm Family since 1992 for 30 years now. Communicating and interacting with other people as well as facing different challenges is her favorite aspect of the job. Soft skills such as curiosity, creativity, the ability to communicate and being open-minded are guiding and motivating her in conducting her role.

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