About us

How many times have you met Fujifilm in your life?
How many chapters of your great story had we written together. You and Fujifilm.

On the most beautiful day of your life, or on the one where the unexpected hit you, or when you wanted to give body to your ideas, your inspirations. We are Fujifilm, and in this blog, you will find the stories we have written together with people like you, day after day.

We take inspiration by every…

… Challenge.

Do you know that we do the filters for the production of beer? And that we mapped the entire surface of the Moon in the “Selene” expedition? Were you aware that Fujifilm developed the DS-1P, the world’s first digital camera?
Did you know that we use the power of light in diagnostics and that we make artificial intelligence a valid work partner for healthcare professionals?

I mean … when there is so much to do, we can’t just take fantastic pictures.

Follow us to find out how we can transform each challenge into an innovative and stimulating experience.

… Person

Our “creators” work hard every day to make the world a better place. They are health workers who work to fight viruses, diseases, new threats to the health of all of us. They are photographers, who spend themselves all over the world to make visible what is invisible. They are scientists who never stop looking in the smallest micro-world, the answers.

They are entrepreneurs, large and small, who invest their time and all their energy to provide products and services to society, developing it. They are our colleagues, who find time for new experiences in their daily lives. Fujifilm’s success isn’t only due to our products, it’s down to people, to attitude and the quality of our work.

Follow their stories, it’s worth it.

… Change

Our slogan “NEVER STOP” is a hymn to change, to transformation, to the use of technology to give everyone opportunities, future and fun.

From 1934 to the present, Fujifilm has made a transformation and that each chapter of its history introduces new ones: a big bang of changes and innovation at every stage.

Fujifilm has always had a corporate atmosphere and environment that encourages creative destruction and allows no fear of leaving behind old technologies or cannibalizing current products.

It’s in Fujifilm’s DNA to take on the challenge of developing its own technologies and create new, amazing, leading-edge products.

Follow us and see what come next.


The team of Fujifilm StorY Hunters is always on

We are a team of curious, explorers of daily life, collectors of experiences. At Fujifilm, we are engaged in different roles, but we work together – united by a unique passion for storytelling and for the experiences of our “creators” –  our Fujifilm colleagues that invent, produce, communicate and sell our innovative products and services to create value from innovation.