Quick Techniques – Beginners: The wonders of WiFi

Want to get the most out of your Fujifilm X Series cameras? Our Quick Techniques will provide you with lots of handy hints and tips to help you understand the features our range offers. In the last article in this series, we look at the WiFi functionality of X Series.

Want to get the most out of your Fujifilm X Series cameras? Our Quick Techniques will provide you with lots of handy hints and tips to help you understand the features our range offers. In the last article in this series, we look at the WiFi functionality of X Series.

The wonders of WiFi

Sharing images has never been easier with a Fujifilm X Series camera, thanks to its built-in WiFi functionality. In this tutorial, we show you how to connect your camera to a smartphone or tablet and reveal the extra features you can unlock when you use WiFi.

Please note, the FUJIFILM X-E3 features Bluetooth® connectivity which maintains the WiFi connection between your camera and smart device. For more information on this, please visit: https://www.fujifilm.eu/uk/products/digital-cameras/model/x-e3/features-32288/connectivity

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7 thoughts on “Quick Techniques – Beginners: The wonders of WiFi”

  1. Have found all the Quick Techniques useful and informative. Many thanks. Hope you will consider making some intermediate and advanced videos that demonstrate the features and capabilities of the X range of cameras, perhaps with some camera specific videos too. Well done!

    1. Hi Mick,

      We are pleased to hear you have found our Quick Techniques useful. We have taken your feedback on board with regards to intermediate and advanced videos. Are there any specific areas in which you would like us to provide more information?

      Kind regards,
      Samara @ Fujifilm UK

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the article and video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, implement at least these two ideas below to improve the wifi & app experience. I have tonnes of other ideas below. Would be super happy to get in touch if more details are needed.

    -Hide user manual/button control texts (“send individual image”/”ok transmit”/”back cancel” etc) when sending pics over wifi and when staring/rating them (useless text is on top of the pic, so hard to select)
    -Enable zoom in (100%) while staring/rating deleting or before sending pics to phone (in the small screen I don’t see if the pic is sharp or not), use the back wheel button like in normal picture review

    Fujifilm phone app:
    -Landscape orientation
    -Filter by date, star (and transfer all starred or above 2* etc)
    -Be able to switch from GPS to Remote to Transfer without having to disconnect when changing functions of app
    -Sync time from phone (also warn for travel timezone, based on difference compared to phone)
    -Remove 720p video limit when remote controlling
    -Show focus peaking when remote and allow manual focus AF lenses by app
    -OTA (over the air) Firmware update download to camera SD card, app can remember my cam and lenses and also give push notification once FW is ready

    Rest of ideas:

    Please Fuji do create a feature/idea/bug website where people can register and vote for stuff. You can give more weight for users with more gear (registration with serial nr).
    Till we have that I keep re-posting my wishlist 🙂

    X-Pro2 (based on the many requests in the comments, not my personal interest)
    -Full-range ISO adjustments with the Command Dial

    Must Have:
    -Staring/rating pictures in cam to use standard exif field so can read it in Lightroom
    -Highlight-priority metering mode
    -Auto zoom in pic review to the focus point (like in face detected shots, simple push the down button)
    -Improve eye detect, it only works in close distance, but with 56 1.2 it is not good enough (shallow DoF even when subject is further).
    -In display mode, jump by date, 10, 100 pics (like my canon rebel 10 years ago)
    -Show the number of pics taken, not only the remaining space
    -Digital, lossless video zoom (like canon rebel many years ago) 24Mpx gives plenty of digital zoom/crop possibility, especially in HD
    -Extend video limit to 30 mins without battery grip with an external USB battery (zero internal battery overheating then)
    -Canon M5 like “software ibis” for video, Samsung added video IS by FW to NX1, iPhone does a great job too with SW stabilization
    -Close shutter during lens change to protect sensor from dust
    -Internal FLICKER FREE Full HD, 4K, 6K timelapse video (flicker free is simple, just avoid jump in exposure even if light metering suggests) with selectable fps (15/24/30)
    -Add 4K resolution for stills (on top of current SML, or replace the 6Mpx Small with 4K)
    -Connect camera to computer as simple USB drive
    -USB headphone audio monitoring for video
    -When I select no image review after shooting (like I use my cam), if using evf, there is still a preview and need to push next, and if I want to see exp details, I need to push next then view, very annoying, please remove that

    Nice to Have:
    -Focus delimiter for lenses in software (no search/hunt in the close distance area)
    -Battery indication in percent on main display view
    -Live overexposed blinkies option whether it shows RAW or JPG overexposure
    -Over the air firmware download from wifi to SD card (can be integrated into the app also)
    -Option to save video to both cards as backup (like for pictures)
    -Add charging indicator on the screen while cam turned on and usb charging
    -In camera folder creation to ease download from SD card with different locations, events etc
    -Watermark in camera for jpeg (sometimes the only reason I need Lightroom)
    -Allow changing aperture value with command dial when
    shooting “without lens”. It would be useful for recording aperture
    Setting into exif when shooting with full manual lenses. Currently it always shows F0 and one has to use other means (like paper or phone) to record the aperture setting for every frame.
    -More pic size options when transfer with wifi (now only 3Mpx/full size)
    -Do not auto expire gps info sent from phone, at least give an option to renew (confirm same location) in cam without reconnecting the phone
    -Option to send Raw files (not only jpg) over wifi
    -Minus 4 highlights and shadow (now we have -2 to +4)
    -Raw + film simulation bracketing in CL mode with one RAW and bracketed jpg
    -Uploadable lens profiles for non Fuji lenses (lens profile to be delivered by 3rd party manufacturer or community)
    -Add multicolor focus peaking. I.e. parts with highest focus to be red, parts with a bit lower focus – orange and so on
    -Auto shutter speed: I was shooting birds in dim light so I was at low shutter speed to maintain low iso for clean images, then the bird jumped to fly, when my shutter speed was too low. When sensor detects the subject moving, it could change to higher shutter speed with an option. Same happened when I was on a boat trip shooting birds and still crocodiles. I had to keep at 1/2000 to be able to catch birds, but then I forgot to switch back when I was shooting stand still crocos.

    -New FW (still v1.0), for less hunting

    1. Hi Tamas,

      Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us. We have also received and noted your feedback which you sent to us via Twitter a couple of weeks ago :).

      Please be assured that this feedback will be passed on to the developers.

      Kind regards,
      Samara @ Fujifilm UK

      1. Much appreciated, thanks! FYI, I keep updating my list, so this might be slightly different from the one on twitter 🙂
        Please feel free to reach out to me for clarity or testing, would be happy to help to make your product (and my XT2) better.

  3. The camera remote and PC save software is possible the worst I have ever used it connects doesn’t connect (mostly doesn’t connect). The PC Auto save looks like it was written by a schoolkid in 2001. I just take the SD card out now! Great cameras TERRIBLE software.

    1. I cannot comment on whether this is the worst software you have ever used. My condolences if that’s the case.

      I can however comment on my own experience with the software, and it’s been rather positive. This positive comment also applies to the hardware, camera updates, factory service, and just about all other aspects related to my own Fujifilm experience. If I add in the fact that this software comes at a very reasonable price (a.k.a, FREE), I’d suggest there’s a lot to like.

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