Emmerson Press Triumphs at Digital Printer Awards with the JetPress 750S

In a dazzling triumph at the recent Digital Printer Awards on November 22, Emmerson Press got the Inkjet In Commercial Print award with their extraordinary “Another Lost Summer” photobook. Judges titled it “a great example, demonstrating the creative and process control that digital inkjet offers the commercial print industry”, recognising company’s commitment to innovation and print excellence.

“The product eliminates waste while also ensuring flat and smooth tints, and high-quality output in production,”

judges at Digital Printer Awards.

“We’re thrilled to receive recognition for our work as a commercial printer. The “Another Lost Summer” photobook demonstrates the outstanding quality that the Jet Press 750S is capable of printing,”

Jamie Emmerson, Director of Emmerson Press.

Emmerson Press is a family-run printing company based in the UK, with trusted expertise in commercial printing. The company have always been at the very forefront of technological advancements, investing in the latest innovative equipment with an enviable courage. In 2016, they made history as the first company in the UK to install a Jet Press 720S, which they subsequently upgraded to the new Jet Press 750S.

“In September, the first month of operations, we ran 40% more sheets, which is a testament to the increased speed and productivity,”

Jamie Emmerson, Director of Emmerson Press to the Printweek magazine.

Both machines empowered Emmerson Press to consistently produce high-quality photobooks which have already gained recognition at various prestigious events. For instance, in 2019, the company produced a high quality hardcover book to accompany the “Roses” photo project made by famous British fashion photographer Nick Knight, who also created advertising campaigns for Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein. All the pictures were printed on the Jet Press 720S, making use of its exceptional print quality and extensive colour functionality. One more famous project rose up in 2020-2021, when Emmerson Press supported the launch of the luxury magazine Soul Kind, printed on the Jet Press 750S. The new machine allowed them to benefit from getting ultrahigh quality for the short-run creative content.

This year marked another milestone for Emmerson Press as they became the first company in the UK to invest in our Apeos Pro C810 toner press, reaffirming their commitment to staying ahead in the commercial printing industry.

Notably, company’s success at the Digital Printer Awards 2023 made their debut at the competition and also gave a great platform to showcase their fascinating work. Our partnership is a story of sharing challenges and success, providing continuous support whenever its needed. We are proud to be their partners and are looking forward to new achievements!

INSTAX Biz – Your Perfect Business Marketing Tool

What makes you memorable in the sea of handshakes and small talk? Is it your pixie haircut, glow-in-the-dark sneakers, contagious laugh, or funny stories you make up on-go? In a saturated market, standing out is a necessity. Your brand needs that “glow-in-the-dark sneakers” – a distinctive element that makes people go “ah, that’s the one!” You have to turn a casual passer-by into a loyal fan, and it’s not about being louder – it’s about creating lasting memories.

With this in mind, we are launching a revolutionary business and event-oriented marketing tool – INSTAX Biz. It’s a free smartphone app that offers a seamless solution for elevating your brand presence, with unparalleled opportunities for creativity and personalization. Just in a few clicks, it totally transforms your promotional game, and here’s how.

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Celebrating 25 Years of INSTAX

Remember how you used to sit on a sofa with your grandma, looking through those old family polaroids, putting them on your knees, one by one. There was something that made her hands tenderly hold the picture a little bit longer. Something making her breath rhythm changed. It was not a photograph but a story, a raw moment of presence, a memory that could never be repeated. And then you got it in your hands, with this unexplainable feeling of touching a true treasure. It felt like magic, didn’t it?

And now look, that’s you holding the instant photo taken with your best friend in a crowded street last week. Both showered by rain, shining with joy, with a coffee in your hand and sincere laugh being the only sources of warmth that day. And now you’re fingering this feeling caught in a photo and smiling. And getting warmer.

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INSTAX Pal lands in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023

The new INSTAX Pal gets a Special Mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 list, setting the next standard of what instant photography can be.

Big news for INSTAX! Right at the doorstep of brand’s 25th anniversary, its latest newbie, a palm-sized digital camera INSTAX Pal, has been selected as TIME’s BEST INVENTIONS of 2023 in the Special Mention section. It marks a great milestone for INSTAX series, recognizing our commitment to pushing the limits of photography and changing lives by transforming the way we create and share memories.

“These days, snapping photos with your phone is so universal it’s almost boring. If you’re looking for a more tactile experience but still want to keep things simple, the pocket-sized Fujifilm INSTAX Pal camera offers the benefits of a digital camera — like the option to add filters or share your photos — as well as the ability to print out mini snapshots in 15 seconds,”


Every year, TIME magazine unveils the list that sets the world abuzz, showing off the most impactful products and ideas from around the world. It became a hallmark of technological and creative breakthroughs that have the potential to change the way we live, work, and interact with the world. This year’s roundup includes “200 groundbreaking inventions” and 50 “Special Mention” inventionsand for the first time, INSTAX product landed among them in the TIME’s list.

What makes INSTAX Pal standout?

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Fujifilm’s Strategic Acquisition Enhances Leadership in Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing

In a transformative move that underscores its commitment to becoming a leading force in the semiconductor materials manufacturing industry, FUJIFILM Corporation has successfully completed the acquisition of the electronic chemicals business previously owned by Entegris, Inc. This acquisition, which amounted to $700 million, not only fortifies Fujifilm’s position but also reinforces its dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of electronic materials. This transformative development is a significant step in their journey towards achieving a revised sales target of JPY 500 billion by 2030.

Expanding Horizons

The acquired business, formerly known as CMC Materials KMG Corporation, is now rebranded as FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Process Chemicals. With this strategic acquisition, Fujifilm has broadened its product portfolio in electronic chemicals. The new addition includes a comprehensive product line-up and twelve additional sites across the United States, Europe, and Singapore, marking Fujifilm’s first electronic materials manufacturing site in Southeast Asia. This expansion brings Fujifilm’s total electronic materials manufacturing footprint to 18 strategically located sites, ensuring enhanced supply chain resilience for the semiconductor industry.

Diversified Product Offerings

One of the standout advantages of this acquisition is the ability to offer a more comprehensive range of electronic chemicals to customers. This includes the inclusion of the High Purity Process Chemicals (HPPCs) product line, a vital component in the semiconductor manufacturing process, primarily used for etching and cleaning silicon wafers. This addition complements Fujifilm’s existing products in formulated products and high purity solvents. Furthermore, this strategic move also incorporates the Total Chemical Management business, which encompasses on-site and off-site logistics services provided to customers in Southeast Asia and Europe.

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Fujifilm House of Photography London

Welcome to the Fujifilm House of Photography in the heart of London, UK. Opening its doors at the beginning of 2020, only to close them a few weeks later due to a crisis that dominates our daily lives. Nevertheless, this project has proven to be a great success and welcomes thousands of visitors every week.

Fujifilm House of Photography, located in the heart of Convent Garden, London, is the UK’s first experience center around photography, celebrating all aspects of taking, making and sharing photos. Three floors are dedicated exclusively to Fujifilm products, including our instax cameras and printers, as well as our X and GFX camera systems, lenses, accessories and more.

Want to do a photo shoot but do not know where? No problem, the Fujifilm House of Photography has it all. Our House of Photography has its own studio that YOU can rent. It is equipped with professional lighting, creative backgrounds and accessories, so you can learn, experiment and take great pictures. Of course, this is a place for beginners and experienced photographers alike. Fujifilm’s expert staff is on hand to assist you if needed, and you can use Fujifilm cameras and lenses for FREE during your stay at the studio.

Want to learn more about cameras and how to get the most out of them? Take one of our photography classes or join other like-minded people to try out a new genre of photography or our equipment while exploring new places t one of our photowalks.

Another highlight is hidden on the second floor, dedicated to photographers and their work. Welcome to the small but mighty photography gallery at the House of Photography in London. Experience the work of passionate photographers in the frequently changing gallery. Pro-tip: The window above “The House of Fujifilm” sign, which you can see from the street, already gives you a hint of what the current exhibition is about.

There’s more to the Fujifilm House of Photography than you might think. If you’re in London, you should definitely put it on your bucket list!

Fujifilm’s APTC in Zaventem: Where Innovation meet Print Perfection

Located in Zaventem, Belgium, the Fujifilm Advanced Print Technology Centre (APTC) is a state-of-the-art printing center that provides the latest technology and services for a wide range of industries. From printing books and magazines to packaging, the APTC is a hub of innovation and technology that showcases the latest advancements in print.

At the APTC, customers have access to a wide range of cutting-edge printing technologies, including digital printing, offset printing, and packaging printing. The facility is equipped with the latest printers, software, and equipment, and offers customers the opportunity to test and experience new technologies and techniques. This allows customers to make informed decisions about their printing needs, and to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest advancements in printing technology.

In addition to providing access to the latest printing technology, the APTC offers a range of services and support to customers. The center’s experts provide technical support, training, and advice, and are available to help customers with their printing needs. Whether it’s printing a small batch of brochures or producing a large print run, the APTC is equipped to handle a wide range of projects, and offers customers the expertise and support they need to achieve the best results.

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INSTAX Christmas decoration DIY

Only 24 days let until it is Christmastime again! Today, we show you how you can quickly create a unique Christmas decoration with your favorite photos.

For this you will need:

  • 1 glass
  • Water
  • Water beads
  • Mini Christmas decoration
  • 1 floating candle
  • Your favorite Christmas photo
  • Transparent tape if needed

First, put the water beads in a bowl with water and let them swell overnight.

The next day you can print out your Christmas motive with your INSTAX-Square Smartphone Printer like here, or you shoot a new one with your INSTAX camera. If you want to protect it from water, you can try wrapping it in clear tape.

Now take your jar and alternate filling it with a little of the decoration and the water beads. In the middle you put the INSTAX instant picture. When the glass is almost full, fill it up with water – and all at once the water pearls disappear!

Now your INSTAX photo floats in the middle of your great Christmas decoration! You can round off your DIY now, in which you put a floating candle in your glass, so you have conjured up a double eye-catcher.

A few tips: it’s best not to use real candy canes, because they dissolve quickly. Please note that it is possible that the INSTAX instant picture may change if it is in the water for a longer time.

See the video for more detailed instructions!

Discover the new Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona concept

The successful Wonder Photo Shop concept, a new era of photoshops, continues to evolve seven years after its launch, true to the FUJIFILM motto “Never Stop”. Wonder Photo Shop is becoming a reference for photo culture, appealing to the entire community: from analogue and instant photography enthusiasts to photo amateurs and professional digital photographers.

On 8 October 2015, the first Wonder Photo Shop in Europe opened in Barcelona on Gran de Gràcia street. Since then, the concept has spread worldwide, offering a perfect place where creativity, design, and technology come together to transform our memories and special moments into a unique and personal experience.

At Wonder Photo Shop, there is something for everyone! Besides inspiration for photographic projects or crafts, you can also discover the advanced technology of digital cameras and the most eco-friendly photo printing systems or start capturing your favorite memories with analogue cameras like in the good old days. Why not try the disposable cameras, films, and instant cameras that are once again becoming popular with young people? In addition, there will soon be new services and attractive new products that will delight photography lovers.

“We hope that all our friends will join us in this new 360º degrees project and that we can continue to expand the number of followers that Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona has garnered over the years, the origin of a large global community that continues to promote photography in all its dimensions, from analogue to digital and including the most disruptive technologies such as AI,”

Eduardo López, Director of Imaging and Recording Media at Fujifilm Europe Gmb, Sucursal en España.

You can find more Wonder Photo Shops near you, even outside Barcelona! Click here to discover more locations: https://wonderphotoshop-eu.fujifilm.com/#store

See you at the Wonder Photo Shop!