INSTAX Pal lands in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023

The new INSTAX Pal gets a Special Mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 list, setting the next standard of what instant photography can be.

Big news for INSTAX! Right at the doorstep of brand’s 25th anniversary, its latest newbie, a palm-sized digital camera INSTAX Pal, has been selected as TIME’s BEST INVENTIONS of 2023 in the Special Mention section. It marks a great milestone for INSTAX series, recognizing our commitment to pushing the limits of photography and changing lives by transforming the way we create and share memories.

“These days, snapping photos with your phone is so universal it’s almost boring. If you’re looking for a more tactile experience but still want to keep things simple, the pocket-sized Fujifilm INSTAX Pal camera offers the benefits of a digital camera — like the option to add filters or share your photos — as well as the ability to print out mini snapshots in 15 seconds,”


Every year, TIME magazine unveils the list that sets the world abuzz, showing off the most impactful products and ideas from around the world. It became a hallmark of technological and creative breakthroughs that have the potential to change the way we live, work, and interact with the world. This year’s roundup includes “200 groundbreaking inventions” and 50 “Special Mention” inventionsand for the first time, INSTAX product landed among them in the TIME’s list.

What makes INSTAX Pal standout?

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Crafting Quality: A Glimpse into FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe in Tilburg is a state-of-the-art facility that produces a wide range of high-quality photo paper and photographic film. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, the facility is one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world, with cutting-edge technology and processes that ensure exceptional product quality and consistency.

Since its establishment in 1982, FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe in Tilburg has been at the forefront of photographic technology, constantly developing new products and improving existing ones. The company’s focus on innovation has led to a range of industry-leading products, including the Crystal Archive photo paper, which is widely used in the photographic industry due to its high image quality, color reproduction, and longevity.

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Premiere in Europe: FUJINON SX1600 long-range surveillance camera system goes to Milipol 2023

When looking at MARVEL’s superheroes, we sometimes imagine how cool it would be – to have their superpowers in the real life. For instance, what if we could see kilometres away spotting every detail as if it was right nearby? Then, we could quickly identify available parking spots when running late to the cinema. We would never be stuck in a traffic jam again, zooming accidents, congestions, and road signs from far away. Moving to a bigger scale, we would prevent crimes, safeguard people, forecast disasters – be real superheroes MARVEL couldn’t dream of.

Well, maybe, our eyes are not that strong. But we have curious minds and innovative technologies to go much further.

With the latest FUJINON SX1600 long-range surveillance camera system, you can turn your safeguarding capabilities into a superpower, no matter whether it’s used for cityscapes, maritime, highways, public facilities, or critical infrastructure. This newbie lets you spot a needle in a haystack from kilometers away and turns distant specks into clear, unmistakable details, making long-range surveillance not just effective but truly remarkable.

On November 14-17, the FUJINON SX1600 will be showcased in Europe for the first time. We are presenting it at the Milipol Paris 2023 – the leading event for homeland security and safety with 1000+ exhibitors and 30 000+ visitors from over 150 countries. In 2019, our FUJINON SX801 took the stage, showing breath-taking capabilities, and now, following the best practices, we are bringing to the table the new era of long-range surveillance solutions.

Check out the video to see what FUJINON SX801 is capable of.

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The Fantastic Forty: Fujifilm gets the highest number of winners at Good Design Award 2023

At Fujifilm, innovation and excellence are at the heart of everything we do. This year, we are thrilled to announce the Fantastic Forty of the prestigious Good Design Award 2023 winners represented by products from diverse business areas: from instant and mirrorless cameras, binoculars, and multifunctional printers to advanced medical equipment.

Five years in a row, we receive the highest number of awards among all the award winners. And we are particularly delighted that our mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM GFX100 II and structural colour inkjet technology joined the ranks of the Good Design Best 100.

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Fujifilm gears up for drupa 2024 with new extensive product portfolio

The world’s #1 print technology trade fair drupa 2024 is back to town – and from May 28 to June 7, we are heading to Düsseldorf with an extensive range of our new pre-press, print and finishing production.

For the last few years, Fujifilm’s product portfolio faced a significant transformation across all market sectors, so this time, we’ve booked a 20% larger stand to showcase all the latest novelties and developments together in one place for the first time.

What’s on the list?

Since 2021, we redesigned and relaunched our Acuity wide format printer range, and upgraded the analogue packaging portfolio. We’ve also launched our first digital flexible packaging press, and notably expanded the range of our toner press solutions for the commercial print market with two new mid-range models – the Revoria Press EC1100 and the Revoria SC170/180. They were already showcased this autumn, at major global global events for printing, packaging, and visual communication – Sign & Print in Sweden, C!Print in Spain, and The Print Show in the UK.

“With the launch of the Revoria Press and ApeosPro ranges, combined with the industry-leading Jet Press 750S High Speed Model, we now have a full range of inkjet and toner solutions to offer the best of both worlds to any commercial print business, whatever the demands of their customers,”

Taku Ueno, Senior Vice President, Graphic Communications Division, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH.

And there’s more to come! We cannot wait to share with you the latest ground-breaking news about our toner portfolio and show how Fujifilm’s expanded portfolio, in conjunction with our industry-leading partners, can help print businesses across all sectors.

This year, drupa 2024 once again turns into one of the biggest global meeting points of industry leaders, start-ups, and innovators from all around the world, and it’s your best chance to network and explore the latest trends and insights at Five Special Forums:

drupa CUBE

Here, leading experts from different corners of the planet will give you valuable insights for putting into practice in your own business. You’ll learn about current trends and best technologies, and see the true future of printing.

drupa NEXT AGE – dna

As there are few points of contact between industry newcomers and established companies in daily business, drupa NEXT AGE provides a networking space for newcomers, young talents, start-ups and established companies to come together as equals.

Tounchpoint Textile

It’s a unique platform introducing a modern, connected method of creating products, from conception to the finished product in various cutting-edge fields as well as the textile industry’s business models.

Touchpoint Packaging

It’s an open platform for all packaging experts engaged in developing future-oriented solutions for packaging, to showcase the best practices and innovative packaging design concepts.

Touchpoint Sustainability

Touchpoint Sustainability offers exhibitors, who contribute to greater sustainability with innovative solutions, a central platform and stage to transfer top-class expertise, present their concepts, solutions and best practices.

Meet us in the Messe Düsseldorf (Hall 8). Trust us, you’re not going to pass by!:)

Get your ticket here!

Discover FUJIFILM Kangaroo: Your Plug-and-Play Solution for Long-Term Data Archiving

Are you ready for an exciting innovation in the world of data storage? Join us at the upcoming storage2day event in Frankfurt/Main, taking place from September 26 to September 27, 2023. Our very own Sebastian Skrypka, Business Development Manager at Fujifilm Recording Media, will be unveiling the remarkable FUJIFILM Kangaroo – a game-changing plug-and-play solution for long-term data archiving.

In his presentation, Sebastian Skrypka will delve into the latest product developments by Fujifilm Recording Media. See how it empowers you to archive file-based data and rapidly growing object data onto tape storage, while making the process simpler and more efficient. You’ll gain insights into all the advantages, along with valuable information about tape technology and FUJIFILM Object Archive software combined for a secure, open and sustainable data archiving experience.

Key Learning Objectives
  • explore potential strategies for long-term and secure data archiving;
  • understand the benefits of FUJIFILM Kangaroo and how it can transform your data management.
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Fujifilm presents its Duvo Series newcomer at IBC 2023

In autumn all the roads lead to Amsterdam – right to the IBC 2023. The world’s most inspiring content and technology convention is coming, and we are joining over 1000 businesses, media, and notable tech minds from more than 170 countries to explore, network, and showcase our latest innovative solutions.

This time, on September 15-18, we present two new Duvo Series lenses – FUJINON HZK24-300mm and HZK Wide.

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X Summit 2023 is Streaming Online

Be sure to free your morning on September 12X Summit 2023 will be on air!

Twice a year, Fujifilm takes all its new products, services and ideas for a great show to share the best innovative practices and technologies with our partners. This time, X Summit will be hosted in Stockholm and broadcasted at Fujifilm House of Photography in Covent Garden, in London. Click to join us online and be the first to learn about main novelties and upcoming products!

The screening starts at 10:30 and runs till 12:00. It is followed by the X Summit group discussion, FREE QMS Services, and the private viewing of our upcoming ’44:33′ exhibition showcasing the winners of the GFX Challenge 2023.

Running order (CET)

10:30-11:00 – Arrival, food and beverages

11:00 – Screening starts

12:00 – Screening finishes

12:00 onwards – X Summit group discussion, FREE QMS Services, and private viewing of gallery

15:00 – Event finishes

TPO-free Fujifilm inks at Labelexpo 2023

To make a change, it’s not enough to keep up with the time, you must race against it – and look further. On 11-14 September, Fujifilm shows a new definition of printing quality presenting its UV inkjet technology for label and package printing at Labelexpo 2023 in Brussels.

As pioneers in UV inks, we’ve made a breakthrough by using TPO photoinitiators to achieve the best printing results. Due to the recent regulatory change in Europe, we re-thought the approach and now we are the first to introduce our innovative TPO-free ink solution.

It allows our original equipment manufacturers benefit from lower heat output and gives them an opportunity to avoid SVHC substances in their products. What’s important, new formulations ensure the same extraordinary speed, quality and high performance as traditional TPO-containing inks while fully complying to the latest sustainability regulations.