Explore Marvels in The Deep with Emily Endean and the FUJIFILM X-T5

Underwater photography is always a dance with the unknown. Here, where gravity seems optional and light is oddly distorted, you face a completely alien world of colour that challenges basics of conventional photography.

As you go deeper, the water filters out colours from the spectrum. Red, for instance, is among the first colours to disappear, which can result in photos dominated by blues and greens. Water’s higher density affects how light and objects are perceived, causing distortions in size, shape, and perspective. Thus, achieving sharp focus, balanced lighting, and vibrant colours here demands dedication and expertise. And this world requires a camera as adventurous as the photographer to unlock and capture what’s hidden in the deep.

For the UK based nature photographer Emily Endean, the underwater world is a bottomless well of inspiration. Following it, she grabs her FUJIFILM X-T5 and dives into the waves to document the morning beauty of the water landscape.

FUJIFILM X-T3 + FUJINON XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS, 1/250 sec | F4 | ISO 250

Celebrate Moments with your Instax Photo Wall Clock

Memory is transformative. It has an enigmatic power of bringing people to other places and times. Pull a string – and you’re in your grandma’s kitchen, biting that very first tender crust of her plum pie, catching sun rays jumping on the table. Pull one more – here’s your toddler with its very first self-made all-in-one breakfast, smiling at a complete mess left behind. The first touch of a loved one’s hand, that special trip you went to with your dad… Each moment is so precious, so why not celebrate it?

With INSTAX, it’s easy! Let us show you how to transform an ordinary wall clock into a personal time machine with your favourite INSTAX photos.

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INSTAX Van Hits the Road: A Fun-Filled Tour of the UK Universities

Hey there, INSTAX enthusiasts! If you’re a student in the UK, get ready for an exciting adventure this September as the INSTAX Van gears up to hit the road for a university tour like no other. Our colleagues from the INSTAX team in the UK have organized an incredible journey, and we, from the European team, are thrilled to support and highlight this fantastic event.

The INSTAX team in the UK is making Freshers’ Week even more memorable by bringing the magic of instant photography right to your campus!

Our beloved INSTAX van has been on a whirlwind summer journey, gracing events across the UK and spreading the joy of instant photography. Now, it’s packing up its instant cameras and smartphone printers and embarking on a mission to capture the moments that matter most during Freshers’ Week.

So, what’s in store for you during this fantastic university tour? Let’s dive right in!

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X Summit 2023 is Streaming Online

Be sure to free your morning on September 12X Summit 2023 will be on air!

Twice a year, Fujifilm takes all its new products, services and ideas for a great show to share the best innovative practices and technologies with our partners. This time, X Summit will be hosted in Stockholm and broadcasted at Fujifilm House of Photography in Covent Garden, in London. Click to join us online and be the first to learn about main novelties and upcoming products!

The screening starts at 10:30 and runs till 12:00. It is followed by the X Summit group discussion, FREE QMS Services, and the private viewing of our upcoming ’44:33′ exhibition showcasing the winners of the GFX Challenge 2023.

Running order (CET)

10:30-11:00 – Arrival, food and beverages

11:00 – Screening starts

12:00 – Screening finishes

12:00 onwards – X Summit group discussion, FREE QMS Services, and private viewing of gallery

15:00 – Event finishes

X-S20 – The ideal camera for families

Marisa Kraft, a family documentary photographer, tests the FUJIFILM X-S20 while capturing the brilliant elegance of family life. No matter how often you hear the term “they grow up so quickly,” you can never fully get what it means unless you have a young family of your own.

“If you don’t make pictures of those ordinary little moments, they just get lost.”

That is why I believe it is crucial for everyone to own a camera that is capable of doing its job. You need something that can perform the job of producing crisp, lovely photographs since you’re doing your job of capturing family memories.

Marisa was generally impressed with the X-S20’s adaptability and numerous outstanding features, all of which are optional, accessible, and simple to use. She believes that because it allows for growth with its owner, this camera is ideal for individuals just getting started in photography. It’s a great Camera for Newbies 🙂 Check out the fascinating field of Marisa Kraft family photography by reading the whole story on fujifilm-x.com.

Exploring Oslo – Picture perfect places.

Summer and free time present the perfect opportunity to embark on a city trip, capture amazing photos, and discover new places.

Our Norwegian instax colleagues have shared their experiences in Oslo, offering inspiration (maybe) for (y)our next vacation 😉 Let’s explore some “Picture Perfect” locations around the city that are ideal for framing memories and creating an aesthetic appeal. Whether you reside in Oslo or elsewhere, these places can serve as inspiration to find similar gems in your hometown.

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INSTAX Biz – Create Memorable Prints

Capture and Share Life’s Precious Moments with INSTAX Biz – The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool

Create Memorable Prints with Exclusive Templates Anywhere and Anytime

In today’s fast-paced world, people want instant gratification, including when it comes to capturing and sharing their special moments. This is where INSTAX Biz comes in – a service that enables businesses to provide their customers with an INSTAX photo that includes a customized template.

The INSTAX series, which includes instant cameras and Smartphone printers, has gained immense popularity among Gen Z and Millennial users worldwide. These devices have become a communication tool and a means for self-expression for capturing and sharing life’s precious moments.

With INSTAX Biz, businesses can take advantage of this trend and provide their customers with a unique experience. They can create their own INSTAX prints with freely designed templates, making their photos memorable and worth looking back at again and again.

What’s more, the operation of INSTAX Biz is incredibly easy. With just one tap, customers can instantly print photos taken with their smartphone or tablet. The handheld and lightweight printer works without an internet connection, making it ideal for use anywhere. It’s also rechargeable, so it can be used continuously without any hassle.

There are numerous ways that businesses can use INSTAX Biz to increase customer engagement. For example, hotels and restaurants can give customers INSTAX photos that include a template with the date of their wedding, anniversary, or special event. Storefronts and salons can host special events and provide customers with an INSTAX photo that includes a unique seasonal template. For events, businesses can set up a photo booth and give customers an INSTAX photo with a unique template specific to their event. This could also include a QR code allowing customers to access special deals from the QR code on the print. Tourist attractions can also provide customers with an INSTAX photo commemorating their experience, reminding visitors of the destination and inspiring them to visit again.

Compelling reasons to print your photos

Are you eager to take your photography to the next level? We have an incredible resource to share with you today that will revolutionize the way you appreciate and showcase your images.

I’d like to introduce you to the Fujifilm X Learning Centre, which is a wealth of information and ideas for photographers like you. Check it out on this page of the Fujifilm X Learning Centre; it was created by our colleagues in the UK.

In a world dominated by online photo sharing, the art of printing has taken a back seat for many photographers. But trust us, you’re missing out if you only share your images digitally. A physical print offers a unique experience and establishes a stronger connection with the viewer. Whether you’re visiting a gallery or displaying images at home or in the office, you’ll find that printed photographs captivate attention in a way that website galleries or Instagram posts simply can’t match.

To enjoy your pictures in total satisfaction, there are really many (I’ll choose three) ideas what to do with your photos.

Decorate Your Home

Using a cherished photo as personal decor is the most obvious reason to print. Whether in a small frame or as a large wall art piece, surrounding yourself with art and memories of loved ones brings warmth and interest to your home.

When selecting images such as portraits, landscapes, or similar subjects, it’s a good idea to print low-quality copies of your potential choices. Hang them up to observe how they feel in your space over days or even weeks. Assess which images resonate with you the most, and then create permanent high-resolution prints of those. This doesn’t mean the other images are bad; it’s simply that some subjects and styles work better as wall art than others.

Make a Personalized Gift

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a truly personal gift, and your photos can be just that—but only if you print them! Whether you’ve captured portraits of loved ones, pets, or favorite places, you can use these images to brighten someone’s day. Consider the print format and how it will fit into the recipient’s home. Most people appreciate a simple print that they can easily frame according to their taste.

You can transfer images to your phone or directly connect your X-Series camera to a FUJIFILM INSTAX printer to instantly produce prints. This is especially useful for events, street photography, and interactions where offering a physical print can make a genuine difference, even with initially skeptical individuals.

Create a Photo Book

Another fabulous way to showcase your images in print is by creating a photo book. This format allows you to curate your photos based on themes or stories, which is why it has long been a favorite among photojournalists and travel enthusiasts. You can also add descriptive text, but many photographers prefer to let the images speak for themselves.

Photo books come in various sizes and formats, but the key is selecting the images you want to include and arranging them in a compelling order. Whenever possible, try to maintain consistency in theme and aspect ratio. For example, a book featuring monochromatic images in a square format tends to be aesthetically pleasing and guides viewers through the story naturally.

Remember that, similar to creating a photo book, the selection and arrangement of images are crucial. Thus, follow the same principles of consistency whenever possible. Carefully choose the images to exhibit, select a print size appropriate for the space, and arrange them in a way that complements one another—whether through color, composition, or the relationships between the subjects.

If you were inspired by my blog post – and live in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain or the United Kingdom you can go straight to myFUJIFILM and get started. Create an account, upload a few images, and discover the fantastic selection of creative print options. From standard prints and poster enlargements to collages, canvases, photo books, calendars, and more.

Make your photos come to life in print and embrace the lasting impact they can have on both yourself and those who view them. Start printing with myFUJIFILM today!

Spill the Beans and discover the instax SQ40.

Join Fuji Guy Francis as he gives you an exclusive first look at the latest Instax camera

Fujifilm has just announced the arrival of the highly anticipated instax square SQ40, a brand new instant camera that will ignite your creativity and transport you to a world of nostalgic charm.

In a recent YouTube video, our Fuji Guys colleague, Francis, took a close look at this analog marvel. Let’s dive into the key highlights!

The Instax Square SQ40 introduces a captivating square format, offering a fresh perspective to your instant photography adventures. From the moment you set eyes on it, you’ll be captivated by its elegant design. The camera features a timeless leather-like finish with striking silver accents, exuding a luxurious feel that perfectly complements its artistic capabilities.

When unboxing the SQ40, you’ll find everything you need to start capturing memories: an instruction manual, a convenient shoulder strap, CR2 batteries, and of course, the star of the show—the Instax Square SQ40 camera itself. It’s a comprehensive package that ensures you can dive right into the world of instant photography without delay.

Exploring the camera’s features, Francis guides us through its components. The back cover lock secures your precious film, while the film counter keeps you informed about the number of shots remaining in your pack. The viewfinder ensures precise framing, and the film ejection slot delivers your printed masterpiece. One of the standout features is the intuitive auto-exposure functionality. The SQ40 boasts a built-in flash that automatically fires when needed, making it effortless to capture perfectly exposed photos. The camera’s light sensor and flashlight sensor work harmoniously to calculate the ideal lighting conditions, allowing you to focus on your creative vision without worrying about technical adjustments.

Moreover, the SQ40 comes with a selfie mirror that enhances your self-portraits and close-up shots. By simply rotating the lens, you can activate the selfie mode, which adapts the camera’s settings to optimize your self-captured moments. Remember to maintain the recommended distance from your subject for crystal-clear prints.

To further fuel your creativity, Francis shares some expert tips. Experiment with centered compositions to create visually stunning images. Leave clear space around your subject to make them pop and stand out from the background. Symmetry can also work wonders, providing a pathway to captivating abstract shots. Additionally, negative space framing and other composition techniques can elevate your instant photography game.

For more information about the Instax Square SQ40 and other Fujifilm products, visit our official country websites on instax.eu or our global instax.com.