Explore Marvels in The Deep with Emily Endean and the FUJIFILM X-T5

Underwater photography is always a dance with the unknown. Here, where gravity seems optional and light is oddly distorted, you face a completely alien world of colour that challenges basics of conventional photography.

As you go deeper, the water filters out colours from the spectrum. Red, for instance, is among the first colours to disappear, which can result in photos dominated by blues and greens. Water’s higher density affects how light and objects are perceived, causing distortions in size, shape, and perspective. Thus, achieving sharp focus, balanced lighting, and vibrant colours here demands dedication and expertise. And this world requires a camera as adventurous as the photographer to unlock and capture what’s hidden in the deep.

For the UK based nature photographer Emily Endean, the underwater world is a bottomless well of inspiration. Following it, she grabs her FUJIFILM X-T5 and dives into the waves to document the morning beauty of the water landscape.

FUJIFILM X-T3 + FUJINON XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS, 1/250 sec | F4 | ISO 250

“Whether it’s the Bournemouth pier or the colourful beach huts at Boscombe – many of my favourite motifs are located directly on the water. Once I’m in the water, I immediately think about how I can show these landmarks in new ways. I have photographed these subjects from land many thousands of times – from perspectives that you see every day. I gained a new perspective on them from the sea and this gave a new dimension to the composition of my images.”

FUJIFILM X-T5 + FUJINON XF30mmF2.8 R LM WR Macro , 1/1000 sec | F5.6 | ISO 500

The FUJIFILM X-T5 helps Emily realize her vision and capture unpredictable moments that she would otherwise miss. For this, the X-T5’s 40-megapixel sensor and wide dynamic serve as a great advantage. In combination with the FUJINON XF30mmF2.8 R LM WR macro Emily has found her ideal equipment. 

“The lens offers a wonderful perspective in the water and gets you so close to the details that you can perfectly capture the waves directly in front of you. There are many wonderful optics in the XF series, but when I shoot in the water I prefer to use a true macro lens .”

Dive deeper into the story as Emily Endean shares her personal PRO tips with FUJIFILM X-T5 for taking marvellous photos from under the waves!

Celebrate Moments with your Instax Photo Wall Clock

Memory is transformative. It has an enigmatic power of bringing people to other places and times. Pull a string – and you’re in your grandma’s kitchen, biting that very first tender crust of her plum pie, catching sun rays jumping on the table. Pull one more – here’s your toddler with its very first self-made all-in-one breakfast, smiling at a complete mess left behind. The first touch of a loved one’s hand, that special trip you went to with your dad… Each moment is so precious, so why not celebrate it?

With INSTAX, it’s easy! Let us show you how to transform an ordinary wall clock into a personal time machine with your favourite INSTAX photos.

You’ll need:

  • a plain clock without numbers or a DIY clock kit (you can easily find these at a craft store or online);
  • a cardboard or a foam board (optional);
  • a level (optional);
  • a nail or an anchor;
  • pencil;
  • a coloured carton / paper / any other material that can be used to cut numbers or as decorations;
  • a double-sided tape or glue;
  • your favourite INSTAX photos;
  • an INSTAX camera for new shots.

Step 1

Decide where you would like to place a plain clock and hang it. Make sure you inserted a battery (if required) and set the time.

You can also collect a DIY clock kit yourself. It typically includes the clock mechanism, clock hands, and a mounting hook.

How to attach the clock?

First, identify the mounting point on the back of your clock. It may be, for example, a keyhole or a hook. Using a level, make sure the clock is straight, and then mark the spot on the wall with a pencil. Use a nail or an anchor to hang the clock, aligning with your marking. After that, you can adjust the height if necessary.

Step 2

Shape numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 with various items and take their photos with your INSTAX. They will help you better navigate the clock.

Step 3

Select 8 personal INSTAX photos you want to use instead of other numbers and decide on the arrangement. You can choose a pattern, a creative layout or any design you prefer.

Step 4

Use a double-sided tape or glue to attach the photos around the clock. Make sure they fit around the clock hands without obstructing them.

If you’d like, you can also use a cardboard or a foam board as a backdrop for photos. Just cut it into a shape that matches the design you have in mind for your clock. Then you can add decorative elements like stickers and markers to make it unique.

Step 5

Now you can step back and travel to your cherished memories whenever you check the time!

INSTAX Van Hits the Road: A Fun-Filled Tour of the UK Universities

Hey there, INSTAX enthusiasts! If you’re a student in the UK, get ready for an exciting adventure this September as the INSTAX Van gears up to hit the road for a university tour like no other. Our colleagues from the INSTAX team in the UK have organized an incredible journey, and we, from the European team, are thrilled to support and highlight this fantastic event.

The INSTAX team in the UK is making Freshers’ Week even more memorable by bringing the magic of instant photography right to your campus!

Our beloved INSTAX van has been on a whirlwind summer journey, gracing events across the UK and spreading the joy of instant photography. Now, it’s packing up its instant cameras and smartphone printers and embarking on a mission to capture the moments that matter most during Freshers’ Week.

So, what’s in store for you during this fantastic university tour? Let’s dive right in!

Instant Memories with INSTAX

If you’re a new or returning student heading to any of the universities on our destination list, you’re in for a treat. The INSTAX van will be making appearances at your local Freshers’ events, ensuring you have the opportunity to experience the magic of instant photography firsthand.

The INSTAX Kitchen Photobooth

Ever heard of an INSTAX kitchen photobooth? Well, get ready to be amazed! Inside our INSTAX van, you’ll step into a whimsical world of creativity. Equipped with utensils, ingredients, and your INSTAX camera, you can whip up a selfie that’s Instagram-worthy.

Free INSTAX Prints for All

We believe that every memory is precious and deserves to be cherished. That’s why we’re giving away free INSTAX prints to every visitor to the van. Whether it’s a snapshot with your new flatmates or a candid shot from a university event, you’ll have a physical memory to decorate your new uni digs.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create memories, make friends, and capture the essence of your university journey with INSTAX. Mark your calendars and make sure to visit the INSTAX van at your university’s Freshers’ event. We can’t wait to see you there!

University Tour Dates

11.09 – Coventry University

13.09 – University of Glasgow

15.09 – University of Edinburgh

19.09 – University of Manchester

20.09 – Nottingham Trent University

22.09 – Queen Mary University of London

23.09 – University of Bournemouth

27.09 – University of the West of England

28.09 – Swansea University

29.09 – University of Bath

30.09 – Boundary Festival

Spread the word and let your fellow students know about this fantastic opportunity to embrace the magic of instant photography during Freshers’ Week. Who knows, perhaps this could be an inspiring idea for other countries to consider for their upcoming semesters. After all, life is full of moments worth capturing, and INSTAX is here to help you seize them in an instant!

X Summit 2023 is Streaming Online

Be sure to free your morning on September 12X Summit 2023 will be on air!

Twice a year, Fujifilm takes all its new products, services and ideas for a great show to share the best innovative practices and technologies with our partners. This time, X Summit will be hosted in Stockholm and broadcasted at Fujifilm House of Photography in Covent Garden, in London. Click to join us online and be the first to learn about main novelties and upcoming products!

The screening starts at 10:30 and runs till 12:00. It is followed by the X Summit group discussion, FREE QMS Services, and the private viewing of our upcoming ’44:33′ exhibition showcasing the winners of the GFX Challenge 2023.

Running order (CET)

10:30-11:00 – Arrival, food and beverages

11:00 – Screening starts

12:00 – Screening finishes

12:00 onwards – X Summit group discussion, FREE QMS Services, and private viewing of gallery

15:00 – Event finishes

X-S20 – The ideal camera for families

Marisa Kraft, a family documentary photographer, tests the FUJIFILM X-S20 while capturing the brilliant elegance of family life. No matter how often you hear the term “they grow up so quickly,” you can never fully get what it means unless you have a young family of your own.

“If you don’t make pictures of those ordinary little moments, they just get lost.”

That is why I believe it is crucial for everyone to own a camera that is capable of doing its job. You need something that can perform the job of producing crisp, lovely photographs since you’re doing your job of capturing family memories.

Marisa was generally impressed with the X-S20’s adaptability and numerous outstanding features, all of which are optional, accessible, and simple to use. She believes that because it allows for growth with its owner, this camera is ideal for individuals just getting started in photography. It’s a great Camera for Newbies 🙂 Check out the fascinating field of Marisa Kraft family photography by reading the whole story on fujifilm-x.com.

Exploring Oslo – Picture perfect places.

Summer and free time present the perfect opportunity to embark on a city trip, capture amazing photos, and discover new places.

Our Norwegian instax colleagues have shared their experiences in Oslo, offering inspiration (maybe) for (y)our next vacation 😉 Let’s explore some “Picture Perfect” locations around the city that are ideal for framing memories and creating an aesthetic appeal. Whether you reside in Oslo or elsewhere, these places can serve as inspiration to find similar gems in your hometown.

Botanical Garden (Botanisk Hage): Amidst colorful flowers, lush trees, and abundant greenery, the Botanical Garden at Grünerløkka is a photographer’s paradise. The garden not only offers a variety of beautiful flowers to capture but also provides stunning backdrops for your photoshoots. Immerse yourself in the diverse collection of flowers and discover numerous photo-worthy objects. With its pastel colors and romantic round shape, the instax mini 11 fits seamlessly into this serene environment. For a larger format, opt for the instax SQUARE SQ1 to encompass even more floral beauty within the frame.

The Opera House (Operahuset): No visit to Oslo is complete without exploring the renowned Opera House in the city center. This architectural marvel not only offers breathtaking views but also serves as a stylish background for group shots. Climb to the roof for a panoramic view of Oslo, a captivating subject for your photographs. To ensure you capture all the beauty, we recommend using the Link WIDE printer, which produces photos in the largest format offered by instax. The Link WIDE printer also enables you to seamlessly print photos taken on your phone once you return home, allowing you to relive the memories in tangible form.

Getting the most out of your Photos: Once you have a collection of stunning photos from your city trip, it’s time to make the most of them. Here are some fantastic ideas for preserving your memories:


Create a visually appealing scrapbook, combining your photos with mementos and personal touches.

Photo Album

Compile your favorite pictures in a beautifully designed photo album, allowing you to flip through them anytime.

Gift Them

Share your cherished memories by giving printed photos to someone you love, adding a personal touch by writing on the frames.

Photo Wall

Transform a blank wall into a gallery of memories by hanging your photos using double-sided tape or wire.

DIY Projects

Explore your creativity by using your photos to customize a mobile cover, frame, or any other DIY project that speaks to you.