Women4Women 7th: Stories of Women Shaping the Future of Global Healthcare

From Helen Brooke Taussig, known as the founder of pediatric cardiology, to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, or Marie Curie, whose pioneering work in radiology not only earned her Nobel Prizes but also paved the way for advancements in diagnostic medicine, – women have always been shattering glass ceilings, making strides that inspire us all. So do they now. Countless healthcare professionals in all corners of the world dedicate their lives to shaping the modern landscape of healthcare, being a beacon of compassion, resilience, and innovation.

Despite these strides, women across the globe still face numerous challenges like gender disparities within healthcare organizations. According to the report “The State of Women and Leadership in Global Health” published in 2023 by the Women in Global Health, the female part of frontline healthcare workers takes 70%, but only 25% of them hold leadership positions. Women play a major role in healthcare, providing assistance to around 5 billion people, however, they still are excessively confined to fields considered to be traditionally female, such as nursing or midwifery.

Today we’re launching the 7th issue of our Women4Women magazine dedicated to the transformative power of women in healthcare. There, you’ll find sincere stories and experiences of more than 20 women from around the world, who has placed the care of people and society at the very core of their life’s work. By sharing these stories, we shed light on their tireless effort, challenges they’ve faced and the impact they’ve had, bridging the gap to the recognition they rightfully deserve. You’ll hear the voices of those fighting against diseases like TB and breast cancer, as well as those who are on the front line, providing humanitarian aid in war areas or territories damaged by inequality. They inspire and resonate with the shared commitment to a healthier, more compassionate world.

“We cannot think of a global health system that goes on and corrects its route autonomously: faced with the 40 million new jobs that will be necessary in the health sector by 2030, the talents and ideas of female human capital are resources to be safeguarded, enhanced and promoted. From the experiences of this Women4Women seventh issue rise courage, creativity, vision and competence. Today more than ever we need these women outside the mainstream to improve the experience of care, to innovate processes and solutions, in a word to inspire everyone’s well-being with their stories,”

Luana Porfido, European Head of Corporate Communication and ESG Management FUJIFILM Europe GmbH.

Join us in celebrating the new Women4Women edition on November 23, in our new Exhibition Centre in Ratingen HQ, with a dedicated photo exhibition. In the first photo gallery, you can also explore impressive series of works ‘Sense of Wonder’, captured by the X-photographer Yuriko Nakao. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the ordinary miracles of life through an unexpected lens, and see familiar things as something completely new and fascinating.

See you there!

Celebrating 25 Years of INSTAX

Remember how you used to sit on a sofa with your grandma, looking through those old family polaroids, putting them on your knees, one by one. There was something that made her hands tenderly hold the picture a little bit longer. Something making her breath rhythm changed. It was not a photograph but a story, a raw moment of presence, a memory that could never be repeated. And then you got it in your hands, with this unexplainable feeling of touching a true treasure. It felt like magic, didn’t it?

And now look, that’s you holding the instant photo taken with your best friend in a crowded street last week. Both showered by rain, shining with joy, with a coffee in your hand and sincere laugh being the only sources of warmth that day. And now you’re fingering this feeling caught in a photo and smiling. And getting warmer.

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Extreme Cinematography with AJ Bleyer & FUJINON Premista

The right lens puts you beyond the boundaries of what’s possible on screen – especially, in extreme cinematography, where imagination takes over the limits. DGA director AJ Bleyer shows it like nobody does.

In his latest extreme Red Bull Racing commercial, he tried out our FUJINON’s 19-45mm Premista wide cine-zoom lens paired with the RED Digital Cinema V-RAPTOR inside an airplane. And the results are jaw-dropping!

“Equipped with a RED V-Raptor, FUJINON Premista, and our new eND RF to PL adapter, we team up with Red Bull Racing for a series of back-to-back jumps across California and Washington,”

AJ Bleyer.

The video is still being processed, meanwhile, here are some impressive shots from behind the scenes. Check the full story here.

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Halloween Crafting: How to make a DIY Jar-o’-Lanterns with INSTAX?

It’s almost Halloween, and you’re probably itching to get creative with your home decorations. Well, here’s a spooktacular DIY design that’s so easy it’s scary! Sophiagaleria shared a great idea for a unique Halloween photo jar which you can make in no time just with your INSTAX mini Link Printer and some simple items.

What will you need?

  • a screw-top jar;
  • tangerines;
  • a black waterproof pen;
  • mini fairy lights (LED);
  • INSTAX mini Link Printer;
  • wooden sticks.

Step 1. Draw spooky faces

First, get your tangerines ready. Take your black waterproof pen and let your creativity run wild drawing funny or scary Halloween faces on the tangerines. It may be classic jack-o’-lanterns, sinister smiles, or even spooky ghosts. Feel free to experiment!

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Zooming in on Wildlife: GFX100 II Test-Drive with Shelley Pearson

Bird photography is a delicate art that requires patience, precision, and a dash of wonder. Each bird presents a unique challenge. You learn to anticipate their moves, study their habits and habitats, becoming a part of their world. Every click of your camera is a hunt for a perfect moment, and your lens must be incredibly accurate and responsive to capture the elegance of a hummingbird’s glance or the wild spirit of an eagle’s flight. It’s about capturing life in its tiniest and the grandest. 

Based in Australia’s west coast, a professional bird and wildlife photographer Shelley Pearson tried the new GFX100 II camera paired with the Fujifilm GF 250mm F4 LM OIS WR prime lens and the Fujifilm teleconverter GF 1.4X TC WR in the field.

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Click, Whirr, Captured! INSTAX shows up at the University of Porto

There are fairy times when technology and creativity blend in a unique way. That is when true wonders are born – and INSTAX is a real pro at this mastery. On October 10-12, Fujifilm Portugal thunderstruck the FEUP Career Fair 2023 – the biggest recruitment event in the School of Engineering of Porto University.

With leading-edge INSTAX Link printers and the very first digital camera in the lineup INSTAX Pal, we turned the campus into the live lab for creating memories. Young talents could discover the transformative power of photography and the art of turning small moments into big, everlasting memories.

It is not just about showcasing cutting-edge technology. It’s a reminder that everything is possible if glimpsing out of the box.

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