The Photography Show 2017

The Photography Show 2017 runs from Saturday 18th March until Tuesday 21st

We’ve got lots going on this year so this page will help you plan your visit to make sure you get the most from your trip. In addition to our usual Touch and Try areas that will let you get your hands on all of our latest products including the new GFX 50S Medium Format mirrorless camera, there will be live talks on the Fujifilm stand (D61) every hour. There are plenty of professional photographers that shoot with X and GFX doing talks on the official TPS stages and theatres, and every day we’ll be running workshops where you will be able to borrow a camera you’ve got your eye on and a professional photographer will help you get the most from it.

We hope to see you there!



Over the four days of the show, eight different photographers will share their experiences using Fujifilm kit. Street, wedding, portrait, landscape and wildlife will all be covered. Come to the Fujifilm stage

Saraya Cortaville


x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Sunday 19th @ 14:00
Travel portraits with the X-T2
Saraya will be talking about her experiences of travelling to remote Nepali villages with the X-T2 and X-T20 and how they have changed her shooting experience and style of imagery. She will also discuss how doing various projects such as working for NGO’s and charities can push your work in surprising directions!

tps-icon Live Stage

Sunday 19th @ 13:00
The secret to relaxed children’s portraits
Saraya will demonstrate techniques for natural children’s portraits, share tips on lighting and the best times of day to work with kids and give you an insight into direction and posing to create beautiful shots

Matt Hart


x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Saturday 18th @ 15:00 / Sunday 19th @ 16:00 / Monday 20th @ 16:00 / Tuesday 21st @ 14:00
Long term photography projects
Matt will talk about how important a long term photography project can be in your personal development as a photographer, how much you learn about your systems and processes during this journey and what you hope to gain at the end of the project.

tps-icon Behind the Lens Theatre

Tuesday 21st @ 16:00
Unscripted moments: discreet street photography
Matt explores light, composition and capturing the moment. Walking the streets and playing the waiting game – you never know what you’ll see. How to become invisible to get candid shots

Damien Lovegrove

x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Sunday 19th @ 11:00 / Monday 20th @ 12:00 / Tuesday 21st @ 15:00
One light magic
Lighting guru Damien Lovegrove reveals his secrets of positioning a single light to create striking portraits with the minimum of kit. “There is a big difference between illuminating a person and lighting them beautifully. Says Damien. “It’s the subtlety of light placement and positioning that makes beautifully simple portraits easy to create.” Be inspired and take your portraiture to the next level.

 Bert Stephani

x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Sunday 19th @ 15:00 / Monday 20th @ 14:00
The Desert Island Camera
One camera and one lens, it may sound like a limitation but it can be a liberating creative experience. In this presentation Bert will show you how this simple setup benefits both his personal and his commercial work.

tps-icon Mobile and Social Stage

Sunday 19th @ 12:00
It’s not all about the numbers
People often focus on the numbers on social media, but Bert explains why it’s not always about how many you reach but reaching the right people. Explore integrating YouTube vlogging, blogging, and various social media platforms into your photography workflow and finding the right mix for you

Kevin Mullins

x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Saturday 18th @ 12:00 / Saturday 18th @ 14:00 / Monday 20th @ 11:00 / Tuesday 21st @ 12:00
Wedding & Social Documentary with the Fuji X-Series
Kevin will show some of him images and explain how moving to the X-Series helps him shoot ‘from the inside, out’ and deliver images to his clients that gives them a ‘guests eye’ view of the wedding

tps-icon Mobile and Social Stage

Sunday 19th @ 15:00 / Monday 20th @ 15:00
Modern social media in your business
How to use the different social networks for different reasons. Facebook, twitter, instagram, blogging, pinterest – how will these help your business? Integrating social media into your workflow

Ben Cherry


x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Saturday 18th @ 16:00 / Sunday 19th @ 13:00 / Tuesday 21st @ 11:00
X-T2, the modern multimedia tool
Get inspired by the capabilities of the X-T2 for helping you communicate across multimedia platforms, from being a refined mirrorless stills camera, to opening up the world of 4K video, even discover cameras ability to utilise social media and Instax. Ben Cherry will use a recent conservation project as a case study for this powerful communication tool.

tps-icon Behind the Lens Theatre

Saturday 18th @ 13:00
Expedition photography: Chasing swans from blizzards to Blighty
Ben talks about his involvement in Flight of the Swans, an ambitious three-month conservation project, tracking the migration of Bewick’s swans from Northern Russia to the UK. His presentation will cover working within a team to create a powerful, multimedia record of this unique project, believing in the power of imagery – using photography to help a declining species and the challenges, realities and highlights of expedition photography.

Drew Gardner

x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Saturday 18th @ 11:00 / Monday 20th @ 13:00 / Tuesday 21st @ 13:00
Why the Fujifilm GFX is a Game-changer
Digital medium format veteran Drew Gardner has shot extensively with the new Fujifilm GFX system.
In this talk he will share the results and also explain why he believes the GFX 50S is a complete game-changer for anyone seeking to take their photography to the next level.

tps-icon Live Stage

Saturday 18th @ 13:00
Medium format Photography – Taking your images to the next level
Drew believes that mirrorless medium format cameras are game changers. In this demonstration he will show how to get the very best out of them, whether you are working in a studio or out on location, taking your photography to the next level.

Paul Sanders

x-icon Fujifilm Stage

Saturday 18th @ 13:00 / Sunday 19th @ 12:00 / Monday 20th @ 15:00 / Tuesday 21st @ 16:00
It’s not about the camera
“It’s not about the camera, it’s about the connection you have with your subject. However, the camera you choose forms a key part of that relationship and having the right camera can change your life and your work. My relationship with technology and the technical side of photography was bad to say the least. I almost stopped taking pictures but rediscovering the joy of creating images that please me with the X-T2, X-Pro2 and the new GFX and intuitive controls meant that the cameras ceased being a barrier and became a channel for my expression and view of the world. This is not just a landscape talk – its about being inspired by the world around you, no matter what you shoot, and finding a camera that becomes a subconcious extension of your imagination.”

tps-icon Behind the Lens Theatre

Saturday 18th @ 14:00
Connecting with your landscape
What do we love about photography? Is it the finished image in all its technical detail, or the way it leads us to connect to the world around us?

Full Fujifilm stage schedule

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If you’re thinking about buying a Fujifilm camera, you might want to try it out first. These workshops will allow you to get your hands on the latest cameras and have a professional photographer help you get the best results from it.

To book your place
Places are limited and can only be booked on the day on a first come, first serve basis. We strongly recommend that you visit our stand early to avoid disappointment.
In order to participate you will be required to leave your photo ID of either Passport or Driving license with us for the duration of your workshop – These will be locked away securely and returned at the end your session. Note that you can only book one workshop per day.

Saturday 18th March

11:00 – 12:20 X-T2 workshop with Paul Sanders
13:00 – 14:20 X100F workshop with Matt Hart
15:00 – 16:20 X-Pro2 workshop with Kevin Mullins

Sunday 19th March

11:00 – 12:20 X-T2 workshop with Saraya Cortaville
12:00 – 13:20 X100F workshop with Matt Hart
13:00 – 14:20 X-Pro2 workshop with Kevin Mullins
14:00 – 15:20 X-T20 workshop with Damien Lovegrove
15:00 – 16:20 X-T2 workshop with Paul Sanders

Monday 20th March

11:00 – 12:20 X-T2 workshop with Paul Sanders
12:00 – 13:20 X-Pro2 workshop with Kevin Mullins
13:00 – 14:20 X-T20 workshop with Damien Lovegrove
14:00 – 15:20 X-T2 workshop with Matt Hart
15:00 – 16:20 X100F workshop with Bert Stephani

Tuesday 21st March

11:00 – 12:20 X-T20 workshop with Damien Lovegrove
12:00 – 13:20 X100F workshop with Matt Hart
13:00 – 14:20 X-T2 workshop with Paul Sanders
14:00 – 15:20 X-Pro2 workshop with Kevin Mullins

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