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Exploring Lake Como with the X-T2

By Darren Brogan


Darren is a keen traveler and photography enthusiast from the town of Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland. For Darren, photography has always been a bit of a hobby and is closely intertwined with his passion for travel. As often as he can, Darren likes to get out and explore the world around him. Whether he is hiking the rural highlands of Scotland or roaming the sprawling cities of Asia, he will undoubtedly have his camera at his side. The goal of his photography has always been to visually document his adventures and to share them with others in attempt to inspire. Instagram is his preferred platform to share his work and to engage with fellow travelers from around the world, you can follow him at instagram.com/poetic_mouse.

He has been shooting with the Fujifilm X Series since late 2015.

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Capturing Dance Choreography in Cuba

By Mickael Marso Riviere

Mickael Marso Riviere is a Bboy (break dancer), creative director and choreographer. Being a keen photographer, Mickael enjoys shooting his choreography work, as well as travel photography in locations where his work takes him. In this article he shares his images and experiences using his Fujifilm kit on a recent trip to Cuba. Read More

Amour and Provence: X-Pro2

By Mark Gilligan

Amour and Provence

There I was, standing in a crowded Chester street, mesmerised by the beautiful object that was pulling me into the window. All black and shiny with a shape so beguiling. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Other objects did their best to attract me but failed in their attempt.

I stared long and hard and the longer I looked the broader my smile. My wife who stood alongside me said, “so, what has caught your imagination?” I didn’t speak but pointed a finger towards the glass as I introduced her to what would become my ‘other’ love.

The FUJIFILM X-Pro1. I went in, caressed it and along with the XF18mm-55mm, I took it home.

The affair had begun…..
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