How to: Capture Better Travel Portraits

Walking through the streets of Paris, Barcelona, Rome or just taking a stroll along the promenade of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Traveling through different countries, cities, and cultures is probably something we all love. Slowly our lives are turning back to a more routine and less restrictive daily life. Thus also travel becomes possible again. Spring season is in full swing too and many people are ready to travel to different locations and countries again to admire and capture special sceneries. To get pleasing results, we have some helpful tips to make your memories unforgettable.

People are the heart of any culture, so when you journey to other countries or cities, you will find travel gold in their faces and the way they live. Street portraits and candids are two different types to capture those moments. While shooting a candid, your subject is likely to be unaware, or at least unconcerned, of your presence. Portraits are more likely to be posed, and will perhaps include eye contact, with the subject fully aware they’re being photographed. Consequently, some tricks are important to keep in mind…

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How to: Spotlight a City Trip

London, Paris, Rome, New York. City trips offer you a unique opportunity to explore the culture and culinary delicacies of a country. In addition to the magnificent sights, the parks and cafés, it is the charm and the characteristics of a city that make a trip like this so interesting. Of course, the camera cannot be missing to capture and share the flair and vibrancy of the city. Here are our tips to make your pictures stand out from all the others.

The ‘Blue Hour’

After a stunning sunset, the sky will appear in a deep blue color and enters the ‘Blue Hour’. Historic monuments which are diffusely illuminated, buildings or the city in general will be lit up with all different kinds of lights with different color temperatures, creating a magical scenery. Unfortunately, due to different seasons, the Blue Hour can differ from season to season. Therefore, planning is key! Find out about suitable sights in advance and put yourself in a good place to get the most out of the Blue Hour.

Change Perspectives

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Tower Bridge in London or the TV Tower in Berlin there are hundreds of images from all three sights. All look basically the same because they are usually captured from similar angles. Now it is time to mix it up a bit. Have a more detailed look at known monuments and think about interesting details you may see or objects surrounding the main motif which might support the visual appearance. Having a look at pictures online and getting inspired to develop these photographic ideas further can help to explore new perspectives as well.

Skillfully Avoid Mistakes

© Omar Alnahdi

Taking a picture of a tower which looks like falling behind on the actual image or similar. So called ‘falling lines’ is the unpleasant effect when the camera is not aligned parallelly with the motif and the object has parallel edges. The slight inclination causes ‘falling lines’ which can be bothersome. Consequently, it is important to choose the angle carefully to avoid this mistake. If that is not possible, finding a suitable location and then using the falling lines creatively is essential. For example, photographing a skyscraper steep from below, which will emphasize the high of the building. This makes your photo more dynamic and transforms it into an eye-catcher.

Blur People

Visiting sights in different cities always leads to crowds of people standing in front of one building or statue, which makes taking great shots almost impossible. In order to still have the motif playing the main role, there are two options to do so. Either visiting a sight early in the morning or late at night, or reach into the bag of tricks. With an exposure time of 1/15s or longer, motion blurs are created. This blurs the masses of tourists and puts the building back in the foreground. Very important: Use a tripod.

Capture The Skyline

© Elia Locardi

Let’s be real. We all LOVE it. A city’s skyline can be magical for most of us. From an elevated viewing point, it is possible to experience a breathtaking sea of lights, which account for a photo that is rich in contrast. Depending on the location, there are some things to think about. When photographing the skyline through a window, it is important to stand as close as possible to the window to avoid mirroring reflections. Using the flash in that occasion can cause a white dot on the window and should be turned off. Making use of a tripod helps to take sharp photos.

Now you are prepared for the next city trip and awesome memories captured through your camera.

Header Image © Daniel Malikyar

Profumo Di Vita

The “Profumo di Vita #neldirittodelbambino” project was born in 2017 from the collaboration between the Legal@rte Association, made up of members of the State Police, and X-Photographer Elena Givone, with the support of FUJIFILM Italia.

Elena Givone makes her shots available to raise awareness on the theme of “child-assisted violence”. A hidden phenomenon, that of children forced to witness violence between adults, which can lead to physical and psychological problems in children.
Thus was born the 2022 edition of the Profumo di Vita calendar #neldirittodelbambino. Women and mothers posed at the Reggia di Venaria.

All calendar and exhibition images were shot with the FUJIFILM Large Format GFX100S. The exhibition was printed on FUJIFILM Original Photo Paper – Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional VELVET and took place from December 16 to January 16, 2022.

Spring Season is here

Winter is officially over. At least here in Europe. Today, March 20, 2022, marks the official beginning of Spring. Nonetheless, the actual meteorologic beginning of Spring was already at the beginning of March.

Photo by Luca Bracali

This year, all seasons start at the beginning of the month in which the season starts from an astrological perspective. Subsequently, all season last exactly three months. A reason for that is the climate data, which is only available on a monthly basis. However, the start of spring season according to the calendar in that matter is today. Let’s get ready for longer nights spent outside and more stunning sunsets.

Spring also means cherry blossom. We, as a company with its global Headquarters in Japan, are huge fans of cherry blossom season. How couldn’t we? All the cherry trees are starting to blossom between the middle of March and the early beginning of May. In Japan, it already started on March 14 when the first flowers started opening their blooms. Such a beautiful scenery with all the trees lighting up in their rose and white floral dress.

Header image by Shigeki Yamashita 

How to: Photos in Bad Weather

Dreary clouds, rain, fog and wind are definitely not ideal for an outdoor shooting. But especially bad weather offers many interesting and new sceneries for photo motives.

Match Colors

Rain is a great scenery to capture, but the colors are often not emphasized enough in normal settings. Consequently, the picture looks dull and dreary. Therefore, +Correction helps the colors regain their luster. The adjustment slightly overexposes the subject and lifts the color mood. These corrections can be made in aperture or time mode, as well as in full automatic mode. If the colors still look dull, image processing can help them out.

Capture Raindrops

Raindrops are excellent design elements. Deciding whether to photograph rain drops or threads is the first decision to make. If you want to “freeze” drops, a shutter speed of 1/250 is recommended. For thread rain that runs through the entire image, you need slower shutter speeds. Of course, you can bring out interesting details again. For example, capturing a drop at the moment it hits a water surface. To capture this magical moment with a camera, it is necessary to shoot as close to the ground as possible. This will make the jumping raindrops look even more expressive. Leaves where the rain bounces off also make a fantastic subject.

Explore different motives

Raindrops are one of the go to’s, but there is so much more to discover. Thunderclouds, for example, bring more dynamics into the picture. Light reflections on wet streets or puddles that reflect the skyline can also be skillfully used for image composition. Moreover, the wind is also photogenic. It gives the image more tension and creates that certain something. To capture these elements, it is important to work with motion blur. This will give the image more dynamics.

Photos in fog

Fog creates the mystic atmosphere in a photo. Especially when sunlight hits the fog, fantastic color effects are created. The fog then shimmers in a light yellow-golden or even in a delicate bluish tone. This is not only interesting, it is also the perfect backdrop for captivating photos. Missing out on the classic in fog photography is not an option for any photographer: Rays of light making their way through the fog have a fascinating effect. Here the position is crucial! Standing in such a way that it is possible to work with the backlight. This brings out the light rays particularly well.

However, the autofocus of many cameras can fail with foggy subjects. The reason for this is the often low contrast. Therefore, focusing manually or using the hyperfocal distance is the way to go. In addition, the exposure needs to be readjusted manually as well.

Header Image © Pawel Kosicki