Celebrating 25 Years of INSTAX

Remember how you used to sit on a sofa with your grandma, looking through those old family polaroids, putting them on your knees, one by one. There was something that made her hands tenderly hold the picture a little bit longer. Something making her breath rhythm changed. It was not a photograph but a story, a raw moment of presence, a memory that could never be repeated. And then you got it in your hands, with this unexplainable feeling of touching a true treasure. It felt like magic, didn’t it?

And now look, that’s you holding the instant photo taken with your best friend in a crowded street last week. Both showered by rain, shining with joy, with a coffee in your hand and sincere laugh being the only sources of warmth that day. And now you’re fingering this feeling caught in a photo and smiling. And getting warmer.

In a world of everything digital, we are longing for this real touch, real relationships, and real feelings. And throughout years, INSTAX responds to it with all passion. Today the brand celebrates its 25th anniversary – a quarter-century of innovation and inspiration, a timeless experience that has changed the way people all around the world perceive photography.

From its very first instant camera in 1998 to the latest tiny newbie INSTAX Pal, it builds the whole new dimension of capturing and sharing memories – a real time machine that lets you bottle the moment as it is, not choosing among hundreds of the same images, not thinking about the perfect angle, whether everyone was smiling or somebody closed the eyes, not building a perfect moment but taking it true and raw. It captures authenticity of the moment showing us how beautiful we are, with all our imperfections, and how stunning the life is when we don’t try to make up a scene or show off at our best.

But more than that, INSTAX has given us the magic of sharing. Love, care, trust, joy, gentle sorrow, or delight – each picture stores the feeling, making it tangible, with the immediate delivery on demand. And you can share this feeling with others, knowing for sure: it will be valued.

INSTAX stood the test of the time and continues its journey, transforming instant photography in a way we could not imagine before, giving you tangible memories you can hang on the fridge or decorate your workplace with, put in a wallet, or give your friends… or show your grandchildren when sitting on the sofa one lovely evening, getting them out of the box, holding each next one just a little bit longer.

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