Switching Systems – Interview with Michelle Williams

Interview with Michelle Williams – professional photographer that recently made the switch to the world of Fujifilm X

Michelle is a professional photographer from North Wales. She has been photographing weddings, newborns and animals as her full time job on a Canon camera for the last ten years. She recently discovered the Fujifilm X series of cameras so we got in touch to ask her a bit about her rite of discovery.

So what made you decide to try a Fujifilm camera?

I’m a Canon user and have been for ten years. I never thought I would want to change to another make of camera, ever. Recently however, I’ve seen a lot of feedback online about the Fuji cameras so last week I sold some bits and bought a used X-E1 and a 35mm lens.

I wasn’t expecting much as these things are usually prone to hype. I’d tried the Olympus pen for a walk around camera and it was good but more of a fun camera than one I would seriously use. From the very first image I took with the X-E1 I was nothing short of gobsmacked. I was so excited to see what it was capable of.

How has the X-E1 changed how you shoot?

I’ve not been out of the house without it since I bought it. This weekend I had a wedding and packed my usual kit of a 5D2 and a 7D with all my lenses. I also took along the little Fuji to play with if I got a chance.

To my surprise, I shot the majority of the day with the Fuji alone! The images are brilliant straight from camera which on a wedding means saving tons of time for me so again I’m taken aback by its capabilities…especially in low light!

1 / 9

I truly am blown away with the colour, clarity and functionality of this camera.

Once again, thank you to you all for making photography fun and exciting for me again. Keep up the great work!

See more of Michelle’s work by following her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michellewilliamsphotographyuk

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5 thoughts on “Switching Systems – Interview with Michelle Williams”

  1. we all know it is not just the sensor but the skill one has and how to use it…I love your diversity Michelle…also would like to know how you have your X setup…as far as noise reduction dynamic range etcetera…also the black and whites did you shoot in color and then post process or did you shoot monochrome in camera . The baby bump image is very sweet…one other thing I really like is your approach…very refreshing

  2. Hi Sven! Thank you very much for the lovely comments. Settings wise I tend to change it up depending on wheat I’m photographing. If Im shooting in colour I use plus two on noise reduction but if in mono I like the noise from the XE1..I find it very film like and in my humble opinion adds to a black and white image. I shoot in Jpgs on this camera most of the time and I’m happy to use mono straight out of camera. I do add a bit of clarity slider in LR sometimes though just to make it pop a bit more….but thats a personal style choice.

    Hope that helps a little bit? I never go out without a camera and I’m so pleased that finally I’ve found one that is so portable and more like a film camera of old.

  3. Hey Michelle,

    As I was reading your posting I couldn’t help but smile. I was thinking how much I feel the same. I’ve shot exclusively with Canon pro bodies and fast glass for years. I NEVER saw myself using anything else seriously. Then comes along the X100s and from the moment I saw how insane the native files were I was speechless. Well I might have blurted out some profanities, but it was all positive. LOL
    I’m excited again about shooting and like you this little guy never leaves my side. Because of this I’m able to capture images I would normally leave behind or take with my iPhone. I almost feel sorry for the other camera manufactures because nothing else comes close this size and they look so damn cool too. Very impressed and looking forward to a long life with my Fuji. I am sure another x series body will join my X100s. XE2 or X Pro 2 when it finally comes out.

    Keep up the great work, your images are stunning.

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