Pimping my Fuji X-Pro1 – X-Signature Skin

By Kevin Mullins

What is the X-Signature range then? Recently, I was made aware of the new “pimping” service of the X-Series of cameras that Fujifilm have launched in the UK and I believe, worldwide. The Service involves having your X-Series Camera skinned with a choice of many different options. Current options include; Racing Green, Burnt Orange, Black Lizard, Blue Lizard, Beige Lizard Emboss, Light Green Lizard, Navy Blue Crinkle, Red Lizard and Red Crinkle Emboss.

Now, I’m a reportage wedding photographer right? Part of my remit at a wedding is try not to stand out in the crowd and to blend in as much as possible. So, with that in mind, I decided to avoid options such as Red Lizard and Burnt Orange (though I’m sure these will be fine choices for certain people!). Instead, I went for Black Lizard. Why? Well, because it’s black….mostly.

The process has been superb. I ordered my “pimping” on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I received a pre-paid box and padded envelope. I popped my X-Pro1 in the post on Wednesday afternoon. Less that forty eight hours later I receive a parcel from Fuji with my brand new X-Signature Skinned X-Pro1.

For what it’s worth, as you know, I’m an official X-Photographer and a working professional. My cameras do take a battering and I was really keen to see the new skins in action. I chose my X-Pro1 as it’s my oldest work horse and probably, a bit like me, needed a face lift of some kind.

The box arrived. All plush and very very well presented. Inside the lovely box is the X-Pro1 with its X-Signature skin.

Now, the X-Pro1 had a pretty good feel in the hand and I never had the need to “grip” it to avoid slipping in the hand and it’s important that the X-Signature Skins offer that same tactile embrace. And it does. It actually feels better in the hand, and almost gives it a “better quality” feel.

According to the Fujifilm website you can “Personalise your camera by choosing from one of the fantastic customised Signature colours and textures. Whether you already own a camera or are looking to purchase one today, simply select a style to suit your personality and we’ll get your tailor-made camera to you in a flash.”

And pretty much I think that sums it up. Listen, having your X-E1 in Red Lizard isn’t going to make you a better photographer. It’s probably going to make you cooler that me of course icon smile Pimping my Fuji X Pro1 ~ X Signature Skin Ultimately this is about personalisation of your camera. It had to be excellent quality and materials that are good for the rough and tumble of the average wedding photographer.

Good Value? I think so. It’s not going to be for everyone of course but if you fancy being a bit different and adding a bit of quality personalisation to your camera then go for it.

Click here to get your X-Series camera pimped with a X-Signature skin on the Fuji UK shop.


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Kevin Mullins is an award winning UK Wedding Photographer specialising in the documentary style of wedding photography. To see more of his work you can follow him on Facebook or follow his blog. Kevin’s non-wedding related Fuji content is on his new Fuji specific blog over at The Owl.

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