Jim Marks Interview – Thoughts on the Fujifilm X-T1

Japanese website www.itmedia.co.jp were at the CP+ show in Yokohama in February 2014 and were able to interview British Photographer Jim Marks who was presenting his thoughts about X series products on the Fujifilm stand.

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A famous photographer from overseas tells us about his thoughts on the X-T1.

All who are interested in photography know of the FUJIFILM and FUJIFILM X series as they have enjoyed high praise from many photo-enthusiasts. But how do photographers recognise FUJIFILM X-series in other countries where FUJIFILM may not be as familiar as it is in Japan?  We interviewed Mr. Jim Marks who has successfully built his career as a commercial photographer and director of over 20 years; we will talk about his impressions on the latest model, the “X-T1”.

About Jim Marks

Jim Marks, commercial photographer and director, started his career assisting Bob Carlos Clarke and Patrick Lichfield.  He is one of the first photographers to embrace digital. His clients include world famous companies like BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic.

What is your first impression of the FUJIFILM X-T1?  Also you have used the existing X-series models like the X100 and X20. What is new in X-T1 system and what remains unchanged?

In a word, it is “great”.  Firstly we have to start with the viewfinder, it is so easy to forget that is an EVF. It has mechanical dials for the ISO setting, with which you can confirm your settings at a glance.  I often leave the aperture and the shutter speed automatic and just control the exposure compensation. In this case, the layout of these dials is really very practical.

Also the tilting LCD allows me snap shots from waist height without being noticed by the subject. With the new battery grip, the “VG-TX1”, you can enjoy the same excellent operational feeling in the vertical position as you can in the portrait position. Also I like how easy it is to use manual focus with this grip, too.

In comparison to the other X-series models, I feel that FUJIFILM has proactively applied many improvements based on the user’s voice. I do not mean that FUJI has not done this for the X100 or X20 but (improved with generations of X series) the X-T1 has various shooting functions and options which were not available in the previous X models. What the X-T1 has inherited however, is FUJI’s unique colours.  It is a pleasure to see and use the same colours I have used with film before like Velvia and ASTIA.

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I heard that you now work frequently with the X series models. What kinds of camera have you used in the past?

I have used medium format cameras like Hasselblad, Leica, Nikon and Canon.  Leica has to be one of my favourite cameras but equally, it frustrates me with its response sometimes. I love all types of camera. But the compact with sufficient quality for professional use has to be the “FUJIFILM X” series.

I had looked for a camera system with satisfactory specifications, like speed, quality, optical and size and I found myself reaching for the FUJIFILM X.  FUJIFILM is very clever.

I’m in love with the X-T1! It is the ergonomic design. It has this retro feel while many cameras out there just have a plain electronic camera design.

The X-T1 is a camera full with the latest technology and classic design.

How important is the design for me?  About 75%, maybe even higher (Laugh). But design for designs sake does not attract me. It is design based on necessity for shooting that is very important to me.

What is your opinion on the X mount lenses?

It may not be widely known, but FUJINON lenses are used extensively in movies and broadcasting and are well trusted by professionals. (Notes: Mr. Marks works not only in still photography but also in the filming and directing industries). X-mount lenses have a relatively short history but they have always offered superb quality that never disappoints professional users.

In the beginning, with FUJIFILMs first interchangeable camera, the X-Pro1, FUJIFILM offered three fixed focal lenses rather than zoom lenses.  It was a great decision.  All of those lenses are bright, compact and superior in resolution. I also had a chance to try the new XF56mm, and was really impressed with its fantastic expression!

Could you give a message to those who are interested in the X series but that are not owners yet?

Small, high quality and flexible. The FUJIFILM X series fit this category perfectly.  I am sure the current system you have is excellent, but I would really recommend shifting your eyes on to the X series after reading this article.

And I have a message to FUJIFILM, too. I hope that FUJI will introduce a bright 90mm lens (about equiv. to 135mm format)!  I want it for portrait shooting!

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