Toshi’s Guests: Antonina Realmuto 

Welcome to the interview series ‘Toshi’s Guest’ where Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe, welcomes different guests from the company. He meets and interviews interesting women through Fujifilm Europe while learning about their soft skills, goals, and roles as professionals, leaders, mothers, and women.

Today’s guest: Antonina Realmuto, Group Sustainability Director for Fujifilm Ink Solutions Group.

“To prosper over time every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”

Antonina Realmuto

In the Green Issue of Women4Women, Antonina has already highlighted the importance of building and embedding Sustainability in all our activities and the need to create value for the next generation.

Her passion for this important topic is what keeps her going to inspire people and engage everybody – from management to every single employee.
Next to the three main aspects of sustainability which are social, economic, and environmental, it is the pillar of humanity that she is most passionate about her job.
Antonina is a firm believer that teamwork makes the difference. She is convinced that the opportunity to work with people for a better planet has an impact on a human level that she loves.

With her strong and clear vision, her main drive is to achieve not only as an individual but also as a group, as a company.