Toshi’s Guests: Ana Douglas

Welcome to the interview series ‘Toshi’s Guest’ where Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe, welcomes different guests from the company. He meets and interviews interesting women through Fujifilm Europe while learning about their soft skills, goals, and roles as professionals and leaders and as mothers and as women.

Today in the spotlight: Ana Douglas, Marketing and Communication Manager for Fujifilm Healthcare Europe, who is based in Den Haag in the Netherlands.

It’s important to understand the way people think and what makes them thrive.

Ana Douglas

During her varied day, Ana sees herself as a connector, by establishing good relationships and collaborating with the country teams, and with product divisions, to make activities cohesive and outstanding. Keeping up with the trends inside and outside of Fujifilm and looking for opportunities to communicate the brand in a unique way is what keeps her going.

Here it is helpful to bring a huge dose of resilience, empathy and respect for everyone’s opinions.

Besides a full-time job and constant education to keep her skills up to date, she is a mother of a 7-year-old girl and has three dogs. The key to balancing all these things in her professional and private life is for her: Time management.

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