“The testimony of Johann CORDIER, Application Engineer at Fujifilm Medical France.”

— We are at your service. During the current healthcare crisis our technicians are working on the front lines alongside healthcare professionals to make sure patients can be diagnosed and treated. These are their stories. This series will be updated weekly. —

We live in a very troubled and difficult time. Difficult for everyone, but especially for all the actors who fight every day, or for people with a loved one reached by the virus!

For my part, a lot of questions. Being the father of four children, I asked myself the question: “what should I do?” I am in a risky zone, people in the neighbourhood are affected. And then one answer comes to me: my role is to help people, so I take all the usual precautions and I will help the heroes of the front, because, yes, it is a war that we are living…

My latest user training at the Nouvel Hôpital Civil de Strasbourg and Hautepierre hospital left a strong impression on me.

We delivered a radiology mobile and a Flex system, including a Nano, which is now reserved for screening patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 and signs (dyspnea, desaturation …) necessiting hospital charge.

When I arrived on site, I was struck by the new organisation set up by the NHC in Strasbourg. The centre has been transformed. The hospital is now sectorised, with an area entirely dedicated to the care of the Covid-19 which currently includes two hundred reanimation beds.

Personally, I did not enter this sector because training on new devices is carried out outside the Covid-19 area, in a standardised space.

After the training, the Nano we worked on left for 100% use in the Covid area. The radio manipulators (technicians) who use it only access this area after following a strict procedure, in an outfit worthy of an operating room: cleaning of the hands with soap and water, then protection with a mask, over-blouses and a protective apron, over-shoes, a charlotte and gloves. Measures which take time, but which are essential for their protection and that of those around them.

The Grand-Est region, my region, was heavily impacted by Covid-19. Beyond the number of people affected by the virus, the human impact, we see that private-public relations have gone from competition to mutual aid. Some private groups have made equipment available to public hospitals, something that has never been seen before.

For my part, I am happy to participate in this fight thanks to my training for users of our equipment, the Nano mobile or the FDR Go and associated systems.

I have a strong thought for these heroes who, despite their fatigue and the risk, remain united and combative, with the sole idea of participating in mutual assistance in order to stem this horror.

I still remain worried about the teams that I leave ready to go to the front once the training is over. I think of them all the time and wish to express them all my admiration and support.

Author: Fujifilm EMEA

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