Soba-Noodles with Ginger-Miso-Sauce #fujicomfortzone

Eating healthy while working at home in the #fujicomfortzone is very important. Therefore, we would like to share this recipe with you. What you need:  270g Soba-Noodles 2 carrots (julienned) 200g kale 200 g Edamame 3 spring onions      For the Ginger-Miso-Sauce 2.5cm ginger (minced) 2 1/2 teaspoons Miso 1 pcs garlic (minced) 3… Read More Soba-Noodles with Ginger-Miso-Sauce #fujicomfortzone

Membrane Technology – Little Barriers

Fujifilm’s polymer engineering expertise made it a market leader in applying thin layers on top of each other to produce a fantastic result: a photographic image. But the company’s expertise today extends far beyond the boundaries of photography. Fujifilm’s technologies can be found in many different industries, from pharmaceuticals and chemicals to power generation. One… Read More Membrane Technology – Little Barriers

How Fujifilm Builds Strong, Quality Cameras

A world leader in optic technology, Fujifilm has been building cameras since the 1940s. Today, our Fujinon lenses are used in medical equipment, satellites and high-end filming devices, as well as countless additional products. While Fujifilm is well-known for analogue photography, we’ve made major strides into the digital realm, and our flagship cameras include the… Read More How Fujifilm Builds Strong, Quality Cameras

Love At First Sight – Fine Art in Venice with the GFX 50S

Giuseppe Foti is a Fine Art and Landscape photographer based in York UK, who constantly travels the world in search of his next photo opportunity. His aesthetic is based on his love for simplicity, minimalism and beauty. Find out whether it was love at first sight for Giuseppe in Venice, Italy with the FUJIFILM GFX 50S.… Read More Love At First Sight – Fine Art in Venice with the GFX 50S