The Peak Performance Print Experience

Fujifilm Spain has held ‘The Peak Performance Print Experience’, an open day held with print industry professionals and customers from all over Spain at Fujifilm’s newly opened Barcelona facilities. A live demo of the new Revoria Press PC1120, one of the multinational’s latest launches, was held with the company’s technical professionals as well as Acuity Prime. The new Revoria Press PC1120 stands out with its six-colour, high-definition print engine and some new other features. Generally, the unique features of the Revoria range include digital printers using dry toner technology, which improve image quality and also productivity with new applications, AI, and automation technologies.

Fujifilm aims to maintain its position as a leading technology partner in quality and production efficiency, and its commitment to innovation and environmental care. This is demonstrated by the presentation of this new series.

In general, we see a great interest in the company’s innovations, both new equipment and printing solutions. The industry in Spain is recovering at a rapid pace, and that means new investments by print houses, especially to improve the quality of their end products through cost-effective production, reduce investment costs and be environmentally friendly.

 Joan Casas, Manager of Graphic Systems, Fujifilm Spain

Author: Fujifilm EMEA

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