Spring Season is here

Winter is officially over. At least here in Europe. Today, March 20, 2022, marks the official beginning of Spring. Nonetheless, the actual meteorologic beginning of Spring was already at the beginning of March.

Photo by Luca Bracali

This year, all seasons start at the beginning of the month in which the season starts from an astrological perspective. Subsequently, all season last exactly three months. A reason for that is the climate data, which is only available on a monthly basis. However, the start of spring season according to the calendar in that matter is today. Let’s get ready for longer nights spent outside and more stunning sunsets.

Spring also means cherry blossom. We, as a company with its global Headquarters in Japan, are huge fans of cherry blossom season. How couldn’t we? All the cherry trees are starting to blossom between the middle of March and the early beginning of May. In Japan, it already started on March 14 when the first flowers started opening their blooms. Such a beautiful scenery with all the trees lighting up in their rose and white floral dress.

Header image by Shigeki Yamashita