Premiere in Europe: FUJINON SX1600 long-range surveillance camera system goes to Milipol 2023

When looking at MARVEL’s superheroes, we sometimes imagine how cool it would be – to have their superpowers in the real life. For instance, what if we could see kilometres away spotting every detail as if it was right nearby? Then, we could quickly identify available parking spots when running late to the cinema. We would never be stuck in a traffic jam again, zooming accidents, congestions, and road signs from far away. Moving to a bigger scale, we would prevent crimes, safeguard people, forecast disasters – be real superheroes MARVEL couldn’t dream of.

Well, maybe, our eyes are not that strong. But we have curious minds and innovative technologies to go much further.

With the latest FUJINON SX1600 long-range surveillance camera system, you can turn your safeguarding capabilities into a superpower, no matter whether it’s used for cityscapes, maritime, highways, public facilities, or critical infrastructure. This newbie lets you spot a needle in a haystack from kilometers away and turns distant specks into clear, unmistakable details, making long-range surveillance not just effective but truly remarkable.

On November 14-17, the FUJINON SX1600 will be showcased in Europe for the first time. We are presenting it at the Milipol Paris 2023 – the leading event for homeland security and safety with 1000+ exhibitors and 30 000+ visitors from over 150 countries. In 2019, our FUJINON SX801 took the stage, showing breath-taking capabilities, and now, following the best practices, we are bringing to the table the new era of long-range surveillance solutions.

Check out the video to see what FUJINON SX801 is capable of.

FUJINON SX1600: What’s exceptional?

Zoom Like a Superhero

FUJINON SX1600 can see where your eyes cannot, reaching more than 3 kilometres. With a focal range from 40mm to 1600mm and a 40x zoom, you can spot a person standing in the Louvre Museum queue from the top of the Eiffel Tower – and get an image of exceptional clarity. At a busy airport, these cameras can read the fine print on a passenger’s ID from afar, ensuring smooth security checks.

Clarity from Afar

Long-range surveillance often involves subjects that are constantly on the move. Even the tiniest shakes and wobbles caused by wind, vibrations, or even the camera’s own movements can turn a clear shot into a blurry mess. FUJINON SX1600 features an innovative image stabilization system that steps in like a steady hand, ensuring that every pixel of your footage remains sharp even in challenging conditions, no matter how far away your subject is. Whether it’s a speeding car or a distant figure, its fast and accurate autofocus serves as a sharp eye that locks onto the subject in an instant, maintaining clarity as it shifts position.

With all these capabilities, FUJINON SX1600 gives impressive opportunities to provide the unparalleled security for international borders, cityscapes, as well as large-scale public facilities such as airports or highways. You can monitor ship’s activities in a port from the outstanding distance, ensuring maritime safety and protecting valuable cargo. You can as easily observe wildlife in a national park, not disturbing animals in their natural habitat, or monitor security of power plants, wind turbines, or transmission cables, also preventing costly on-site inspections.

At our booth 4F055, we will also present our best-in-class FUJINON binoculars perfectly serving for outdoor observations on the move. Beyond that, at the fair, you can discover state-of-the-art pan-tilt systems and housings from our partners optimized for the FUJINON SX series to bring additional benefits.

Funkwerk will demonstrate their universal Platon NEO pan-tilt platform available with a second housing to combine with a thermal camera. It can be integrated into different video management systems, including Funkwerk’s own palleon, adding precise control and amazing speed.

Zippermast will showcase their innovative rugged camera system CORE LRSCS designed for the FUJINON SX series to make it usable in harsh environmental conditions and robust and mobile missions.

Online visitor registrations will be open in May 2023, so mark your calendars!

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