New European Wonder Photo Shop

What a start for autumn 2020: Not only did we have the pleasure of opening the new Wonder Photo Shop in Berlin but also to launch our new instax SQUARE SQ1 exactly there, in the heart of Berlin’s Ku’damm.

Wonder Photo Shop – that is Fujifilm’s worldwide concept for a store that offers space for its guests to print their own pictures and worship those memories on paper by being creative – with every possibility of being arty in one place.

Here you can buy the whole instax range from cameras to pictures. Or print your digitised smartphone or camera pictures directly in store and – in a next step – get creative and work on scrap books and presents for yourself or your beloved ones.

Gerd-Peter Huber (Fotocenter Berlin) who has made this new store possible by working in cooperation with Fujifilm said:

“People of every age appreciate to save their memories on paper and prepare creative art works to share with their beloved. Berlin as a center of art and culture, not only in Germany but all over Europe, is a perfect spot to enable people to live according to their needs of creativity. Additionally, the instant picture product range of instax enables young and old to experience a moment of self-empowerment by taking a picture and directly being able to watch and share the moment’s result with the help of instax photos. We believe that especially when people are facing a crisis – like the whole world is doing this year – creativity can be a possibility of processing. This is why we are very happy to open the “Fotocenter Berlin – Wonder Photo Shop” at Ku’damm this autumn.”

During September, one of the first big events of the new store took place. Though COVID-19 changed a lot of plans, the German Fujifilm instax team made the launch of its latest instax square product possible: this year’s autumn is an instax SQUARE SQ 1 autumn. There might be cold and rainy days coming in Europe, but the new instax SQ1 will be able to offer some distraction with the help of its reduced and very simple design and an only analogue system. The popular selfie mirror for easy handling of one’s own portraits will enable every instax fan, whether in the outdoors or in quarantine “at home”, to keep going and creating his or her own protocol of autumn experiences.

Thank you to our instax Germany team from Fujifilm Imaging Systems, who have kindly shared these insights with us. To learn more about the world of instax, visit their homepage (in German). For our readers outside of Germany, please visit our European presence.

Author: Fujifilm EMEA

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