Is summer too hot? Let’s refresh it with an ice cream … homemade!

Raise your hand if you have not wanted a nice ice cream in the middle of a monstrously hot night. We love summer, but it would certainly be more bearable if between a peak of heat and the next we could delight in something fresh always within reach of the fridge.
And maybe, not only fresh, but also delicious.

Preparing an ice cream at home is very simple and fast. You just have to consider a long stay of the mixture in the freezer for it to harden before consumption. I leave you my favorite recipe, reminding you to always experiment by adding essences, fruits, and everything that entices you and gives you pleasure to the palate.

So let’s get started and let’s prepare an excellent ice cream together, to keep in the freezer for the hot nights of this long summer.

  • First, recover a plum cake mold and two containers for the preparation of the compounds. The basic ingredients are: 500 g of fresh whipping cream; 400 grams of condensed milk; vanilla extract or vanilla bean; chocolate chips to taste.
    The final surprise that I will not reveal to you now requires rather large round cookies, follow me to the end and you will find out how to use them;)
  • The procedure is very simple. I suggest you to start the preparation the night before, to allow the mixture to “stay overnight” in the freezer. Must stay there at least 8 hours.
  • Let’s start by mixing the condensed milk and vanilla in a bowl (2 tablespoons if liquid, or a berry). In another container, whip the cream (it must be very cold) firmly.
  • We combine the concentrated milk mixture with the whipped cream, mixing from top to bottom with slow movements. To taste we add the chocolate chips or other of your choice.
  • We finish by slowly pouring the mixture into the plum cake mold, which will go into the freezer to rest for at least 8 hours.
  • But the best part is now … Take the biscuits and put a scoop of ice cream on a biscuit, cover with another biscuit and form a sandwich. I love to decorate one side of the biscuit with other chocolate chips or chopped hazelnuts.

These delicious ice cream sandwiches last for 3/4 weeks, but I’m sure they won’t last that long!
Happy summer everyone!

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