Edinburgh Street Photography Workshop with Matt Hart

Spend the day with renowned Fujifilm X Photographer Matt Hart, exploring the exciting streets of Edinburgh picking up tricks and tips from Matt along the way. This will be delivered in a relaxed and often, very entertaining way. You will also have personal guide Ami Strachan for the day to reveal all the best locations to shoot street in Edinburgh.

The course will give you an insight into the way Matt works and his style of Street Photography. You will learn how to anticipate and capture decisive moments throughout the city.  And, having a guide for the day will help to future-proof your knowledge of the area. So, if you choose to come back – you’ll know all the best spots!

What you will learn:

  • The skill in spotting a possible subject.
  • What  to look for in a great scene.
  • How to blend in and be invisible.
  • See and compose a subject with a scene or background.
  • Capture a subject without intrusion.
  • Develop confidence in shooting in the street.
  • Photography in public places safely.
  • Use different depths of field for different types of shot.
  • Use varying speeds for different effects.
  • How to review your own work.

After the event you will be able to post your work and talk to Matt through his Social Media pages or by e mail; this can include online critique and coaching when requested.

When and where?

The workshop will take place on Sunday the 8th of March from 10:30am till 4:30pm with a break for lunch. Don’t worry – there will be plenty of comfort breaks for those who need them throughout the day.

In addition to Matt’s expertise, a Fujifilm representative will also be on hand with a selection of the latest cameras and lenses to try, and will be there to help answer any of your technical questions.

The exact location will be made known when a ticket is purchased and will be distributed via email.

For more information on cost or to book, please visit the event page here.

Images from past events can be found here.

About Matt

Matt is a black & white street and event Photographer based in Liverpool England.
His journey through photography has been over 40 years mostly using film. He still shoots film, but more recently he prefers the freedom and flexibility of the digital medium striving to retain the integrity of the original image. Matt’s stock images have been used in advertising all over the world, his work has also been published in many books and magazines, including many photography magazines.

X-Photographers Spotlight – Matt Hart


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3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Street Photography Workshop with Matt Hart”

  1. I live in the centre or Edinburgh and walk and cycle around many of the streets that no doubt will be used in the workshop. I use X series cameras but am really not into street photography. I like to work with people’s consent and have been doing a series of icebreaker projects (e.g. http://www.hyam.net/blog/archives/2830). I have an idea where I am headed photographically.

    So the workshop isn’t up my street metaphorically (even though it might be physically up my street) but I’m wondering if there is a plan for a social after the workshop. If so I might be able to tag a long for a little while.

    If not – enjoy your time in Edinburgh!


  2. matt6t6 – United Kingdom – I am a Retired Professional photographer and Brand Ambassador. I have always been passionate about photography projects and more so the final image. I retired early due to a Stroke, my stroke has made me see the world in a brand new way and I hope to explore those changes over the coming years. My blog is for my thoughts about photography and for my images. I now shoot a mixture of black and white and colour but used to be known for my black and white images. One life'capture' it.
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  3. henni.photo – Mostly Black and White Photography, Mainly Edinburgh and Scotland. henni.photo brings together Lynn Henni who has studied photography and film-making and Paul Henni who has a background as a freelance designer and sculptor. Their interest in urban imagery combined with a lifetime of living in and exploring their home city of Edinburgh brings a unique perspective to this beautiful and multi-faceted place. Our photography is generally in the moment rather than planned although there are some shots and angles to which we return again and again. As for any photographer, light has a significant impact on our work. The light in Edinburgh is special and provides many contrasts as the weather changes, often hour to hour.
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    Nearly sold out – recommended, Matt Hart, Fuji kit and local guide Ami Strachan.

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