Discover FUJIFILM Kangaroo: Your Plug-and-Play Solution for Long-Term Data Archiving

Are you ready for an exciting innovation in the world of data storage? Join us at the upcoming storage2day event in Frankfurt/Main, taking place from September 26 to September 27, 2023. Our very own Sebastian Skrypka, Business Development Manager at Fujifilm Recording Media, will be unveiling the remarkable FUJIFILM Kangaroo – a game-changing plug-and-play solution for long-term data archiving.

In his presentation, Sebastian Skrypka will delve into the latest product developments by Fujifilm Recording Media. See how it empowers you to archive file-based data and rapidly growing object data onto tape storage, while making the process simpler and more efficient. You’ll gain insights into all the advantages, along with valuable information about tape technology and FUJIFILM Object Archive software combined for a secure, open and sustainable data archiving experience.

Key Learning Objectives
  • explore potential strategies for long-term and secure data archiving;
  • understand the benefits of FUJIFILM Kangaroo and how it can transform your data management.

Why FUJIFILM Kangaroo?


FUJIFILM Kangaroo creates a secure space between your data and cybercrime, reducing your vulnerability to hackers and cyber-attacks. Additionally, the writing process provides a self-healing system architecture, while the tape itself has higher data integrity than HDDs.


With an archival life of over 30 years, the tape based system also saves energy costs, helps decrease CO2 emissions and reduce large amounts of electronic waste.

Keeps your options open

Rather than getting tied in with certain vendors, FUJIFILM Kangaroo utilizes our own FUJIFILM Object Archive software. It is self-describing and compatible with a vast number of disk and tape systems, which makes you more flexible and opens new opportunities for the future.

Join us at the storage2day in Frankfurt and discover why FUJIFILM Kangaroo is the solution your company has been searching for!

Meet the Speaker

Sebastian Skrypka is the Business Development Manager for the DACH region at Fujifilm Recording Media GmbH. He specializes in advising and assisting businesses with storage and software solutions, fostering communication and knowledge sharing regarding technical innovations in tape technology. Sebastian is also the go-to contact for Fujifilm LTO Tapes users in customer support.

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