Sparking passion for science through creativity and experiences

Science needs passion. Science builds on creativity. Interest in science emerges from intriguing experiences. All these factors do not differentiate between sex or gender. However, there is still a striking underrepresentation of women in science today.

“After all, genius, creativity and preseverance have no sex or gender.”

Licia Troisi

Fujifilm features women scientists from around the world. All of them are working as experts in the Fujifilm Group or as its partners. In Women4Women, accomplished researcher and author Licia Troisi speaks about her ideas and experiences in the world of science, what people need to become a scientist and writer and how she perceives the role of gender in research. As an astrophysicist and astronomer, she studied galaxies and built satellites that map our galaxy. As an author, she published more than a dozen books. These experiences make her a great conversation partner with interesting takes on the key question: “how can we make science more accessible to people?” 

One thing we need in order to gain access to complex topics is passion. Passion helps us to continuously find new challenges, motivating us to dissect a subject into interesting bits of knowledge, building a cluster of pieces that later on interconnect and form a coherent picture. Also, passion knows no gender. But how can passion be sparked?

There are two driving factors that inspire passion and help us to get a grasp on science – creativity and experiences. Creativity is a motor that motivates us to find new stimuli and engage with new approaches to uncharted fields of knowledge. Without creativity, we would never be able to solve the mysteries of our universe. Experiences, on the other hand, are a more tangible key to making science accessible to people. Challenging experiences encourage us to improve us and our grasp on things that interest us.

Discover the full interview with Licia Troisi to learn more about her take on this topic. 

The outstanding photographer Valentina Tamborra brightens up the report with her reportage photos of women from all over the world. 

The magazine “Women4Women” is a valuable piece of knowledge for all those who want to be inspired by female expertise and commitment in science.

Browse the magazine Women4Women to experience more about amazing women in science! 

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