What do you need to be a powerful woman?

This is the question we asked ourselves at Fujifilm to get an answer. We have collected inspiring and moving stories from powerful women on the topics Leadership, Work-Life Balance, She-cession, Hobbies, Endometriosis and Charity. The six chapters of the magazine feature contributions from 27 women with different backgrounds across Europe and beyond.

Powerful Women” is the third issue of Fujifilm’s “Women4Women” magazine, a monograph which narratives are a clear example of the inner and outer strength and powerful women- at work and in their private life.  It is the  overarching aim of raising awareness and the recognition of our contributors achievements that make this issue special.   

We are talking about POWER, our POWER.

About the INNER POWER that supports women in their personal endeavors, be it in business or in other fields.

In leadership, it’s not about more men or more women on your board, it’s about the right balance!

With the right balance between men and women, one gets a more mature culture within an organization,” comments Yvonne Van Rooy, Supervisory Board of Directors of FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe. “Adding a sufficient number of women to teams and leadership increases the chance of different angles being addressed. The organization is better off. That is why I am so motivated, not from a feminist point of view, but because it is better for the quality of the decision-making process. Another very important argument is that young people, men or women, no longer want to work in an one-sided organization of only men or only women. A good learning culture within any company or organization that includes gender neutrality and a diversity of cultures, will make an organization better. That’s why I like the initiative of this magazine so much!

Read the third issue of Women4Women: https://www.fujifilm.it/women4women/third_issue/