Making the switch – Why these three professional photographers choose Fujifilm X

Watch these short videos and find out why these three X-Photographers made the switch to the Fujifilm X system.

Recently we teamed up with Amateur Photographer (AP) to create an experience day for 60 of their lucky readers.

While we were there we interviewed our three guest speakers and asked them all to tell own story as to how they made the switch to Fujifilm. Check out what made Damien Lovegrove, Matt Hart and Paul Sanders switch to the Fujifilm system, and also what has made them stay using it.

Damien Lovegrove

Portrait & lighting guru Damien Lovegrove talks about how he made the switch to the Fujifilm system and how using the smaller system helps him connect more with his subject. Can you guess which Fujifilm camera first caught his eye?

To see more of Damien’s work, click here.


Matt Hart

Street & event photographer Matt Hart tells his system switching story and praises the benefits of using the Fujifilm cameras; from the exposure previewing LCD screen, to the discrete ergonomics and quality of the final imagery.

To see more of Matt’s work, click here.


Paul Sanders

Former Picture Editor of The Times Paul Sanders explains how DSLRs created a barrier between him and the landscape and how using the smaller Fujifilm system brought back his passion for shooting. Not only that, he also shares some excellent philosophy to shooting pictures.

To see more of Paul’s work, click here.


The day itself was a perfect opportunity for Amateur Photographer readers to get hands-on with the Fujifilm X system and to learn from our very own Fujifilm X-Photographers. Throughout the day, multiple workshop sessions were held, allowing the experienced professionals to pass on their photographic tips & tricks covering long exposure landscapes, single light portraiture to the in-the-moment street photography.

To read more about the day, please visit AP’s website.

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10 thoughts on “Making the switch – Why these three professional photographers choose Fujifilm X”

  1. What Matt Hart is telling is interesting.
    But the way it’s filmed is disturbing.
    Just tell me why the director is “jumping over the axis” between each shot.
    I can understand that it is a transition between shots in his mind and that it ads some dynamic in the edit… but it is distracting
    I am looking to where Matt is looking and not to what he is telling.
    But O.K. the message is more important than the “box around it” 😉
    no offend

  2. Having first started using Fuji bridge cameras, 602 zoom and S9500 I made the leap to a Nikon DSLR, but I’m thinking of switching to a compact system Fuji, is there any way I can test one? Use it for a few days maybe? I’ve recently won a few small competitions and would the chance to audition a Fuji again.

  3. David Hobby and Zack Arias, both convinced me to Switch to the X100S and then to the X100T and conversion lenses. I’ve have sold off all my DLSR equiptment and have never looked back. The Fuji’s IQ’s and Lightweight Are a big advantage to me and if I need a Zoom lens I just move my feet.

  4. by the way, I have a XE1, a XT1 and a x 30
    They are wonderful cameras and the lenses are quite impressive.
    OK the XE1 has an other kind of viewfinder but I still love to take pictures with it.
    Long time ago I had Contax cameras.
    Now I have the same feeling with the Fuji cameras
    Way back in the 80 I used Fuji for film and photography
    I love the Fuji film simulations in the X-series
    JPEGs are great.

  5. Fabrice Denis Photography – ARCHINGEAY – Auteur Photographe Photographier pour moi est un besoin, nous avons tous une perception différente de notre monde, je fixe la mienne dans la photographie..
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    Pourquoi ces trois photographes professionnels choisissent Fujifilm X

    Interview de trois photographes professionnels sur leur utilisation des boîtiers Fujifilm. Découvrez ce que fait Damien Lovegrove, Matt Hart et Paul Sanders avec le système Fujifilm, et aussi ce qui a fait à rester à l’utiliser.

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